Born in Leicester 1981.

  A musician living and working in Manchester in real time with sound and instruments.

This performance practice as an improviser becomes a way to think more widely about how small elements make up bigger elements and how sound functions in space and the built environment.

Improvising solo and with others using guitars, objects and non-fixed instrument structures.

Making drawings to try and understand what I am doing and what I hear.

Designing, building and fabricating instruments and electronic units that can become parts of non-fixed instruments based on electromagnetic principles.

With Vicky Clarke designing, building and fabricating audio circuits which become instruments as part of the artist duo Noise Orchestra.

Doing some or all of these things at different times in Europe, Russia, North America and Japan.

Performing with many Manchester based/related improvisors including Sam Andreae, Andrew Cheetham, Otto Willberg, Greta Buitkute, THF Drenching, Richard Scott, Philip Marks, Adam Fairhall, Luke Poot, London based Colin Webster and Amsterdam native Rogier Smal. One-offs and random stage/studio collaborations have involved working with figures such as Marshall Allen, Rhys Chatham, Mick Beck, Phil Minton and Mark Sanders.

Contact: davidmbirchallatgooglemail.com