25th April David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Mark Hanslip @ Peerhat, Manchester

27th April solos & duos with Nick Branton @ Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

29th April W/ Fishprint @ Constellation, Liverpool

17th-19th May Noise Orchestra present new work  @ Rome Media Art Festival

29th May Birchall/Cheetham/Webster/Willberg + Sloth Racket + More @ Peerhat, Manchester

30th May Birchall/Cheetham/Webster/Willberg @ Flimflam, Ryans Bar, London

31st May Birchall/Cheetham/Webster/Willberg @ tbc, Margate

5th June David Birchall/Adrian Northover/Philip Marks + Shatners Bassoon @ St. Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

26th June w/ Andrew Cheetham & John Macedo @ Peerhat, Manchester

12th-14th October w/ Historically Fucked tbc

16th October Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Toshimaru Nakamura/Otto Willberg tbc



5th April Db, Nina Whiteman, Richard Harrsion, Will Lewis-Clarke & Alexa Kruger avec Erik Ruin film @ Islington Mill

29th March w/ Andrew Cheetham & Alan Wilkinson @ Cafe Oto Project, London

17th March w/ Colin Webster @ Bråk, London

14th March MCR NYC improv Congress featuring (Kate Armitage: voice/guitar, David Birchall: guitar, Jason Blackkat: bass, Craig Flanagin: guitar, Fredrik Haake: drums, Richard Harrison: drums, Kelly Jayne Jones: flute, Ecka Mordecai: cello, Jer Reid: guitar,
Alexa Kruger: bass clarinet, Normandy Sherwood: vox & electronix
) @ Klondyke Club, Levenshulme, Manchester

4th March Charlie Colins/Anton Mobin/Derek Saw + David McLean & David Birchall/Philip Marks @ Peerhat, Manchester

21st February IIan Volkov + Ecka Mordecai + David Birchall + Nina Whiteman + Michael Perrett + Otto Willberg @ Klondyke Club, Levenshulme, Manchester

17th February w/ Sam Andreae/Otto Willberg @ OPT, Wroclaw

16th February w/ Sam Andreae/Otto Willberg @ Klangkeller, Berlin

13th February Noise Orchestra talk/showcase on Pervasive Media Studio Residency, Bristol

8th-11th February Noise Orchestra presenting new work @ Spectra, Aberdeen

1st February Shift @ Partisan, Manchester

7th-12th January Noise Orchestra Residency at FMD, Rome


8th December Noise Orchestra lunchtime talk about our Residency @ Pervasive Media Studios, Bristol

2nd December w/ Historically Fucked + F Ampism + Dylan Nyoukis + Katz Mulk + Posset @ Regather, Sheffield

30th November w/ Historically Fucked + Bad Aura + VIDIV + Tarantula @ Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

29th November w/ Historically Fucked @ Fuel, Manchester

27th October Yoni Silver + Ram Gabay/Clout, then Grappling + Birchall/Drenching/Marks @ St Margaret’s Church, Manchester

25th October Ant Traditions (Db:guitars/Adam Fairhall:toy pianos) + Gary Fisher + Sippy Cup @ Fuel, Manchester

20th/21st October 6pm-9pm performance installation “Electromagnetic Rave” Noise Orchestra @ Bury Archives, Enlightened Festival of Light, Bury

22nd September w/ Andrew Cheetham/Alan Wilkinson + Ecka Mordecai/Sam Weaver @ Peer Hat, Manchester

21st September w/ Historically Fucked + Object Lesson @ Cafe Oto, London

18th September Duo w/ Ecka Mordecai @ Cafe Ort, Birmingham

31st August Noise Orchestra circuit building workshops @ Manchester Central Library

29th August Noise Orchestra circuit building workshops @ Wigan Library

25th August Noise Orchestra circuit building workshops @ Oldham Library

24th August Noise Orchestra circuit building workshops @ Eccles Library

23rd August Noise Orchestra circuit building workshops @ Stockport Central Library

18th August Noise Orchestra circuit building workshops @ Rochdale Library

16th August Noise Orchestra circuit building workshops @ Urmston Library

14th August Noise Orchestra circuit building workshops @ Bury Library

10th August Noise Orchestra circuit building workshops @ Bolton Library

14th July – 8th October Quadraphonic Sound Installation by Noise Orchestra & Danny Saul (working with Alan Dunn, Chris Watson, Sam Meech and students from Bradford and Leeds Beckett Universities) as part of the SUPERSENSES Exhibition @ National Science & Media Museum, Bradford

8th July w/ The Murmurists @ St. Margaret’s Church, Manchester

7th July Historically Fucked @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds

25th June Birchall/Cheetham/Webster/Willberg 4tet LUME FESTIVAL @ Iklectik, London

12th June Historically Fucked + Silver Dick + THF Drenching @ Cafe Oto, London

10th June Historically Fucked + Silver Dick + Ecka Mordecai/THF Drenching @ Klondyke Club, Levenshulme

11th May duo with Simon Prince @ Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Manchester

25th April w/ Andrew Cheetham & Alan Wilkinson @ Islington Mill, Salford

23rd April duos w/ Rogier Smal DAY time @ Cobra Museum, Amsteelveen

17th-23rd April Noise Orchestra instruments in group show SOUNDING DIY @ Chalton Gallery, London

19th April w/ Sam Andreae, Otto Willberg @ awesome triangular bar, Nagoya

18th April w/ Sam Andreae, Otto Willberg @ Rent Rec, Beppu

17th/18 April Bodies at Play performance installation @ Platform 5, Beppu

14th April  UK MEETS KANSAI IMPROVISERS with Sam Andreae, Otto Willberg, David Birchall, Keisuke Matsui, Catrinel Doran, Chie Nagai, Yuki Maegaki, Andy Couzens, Lui Lerroy and Ally Mobbs @ Viva La Musica, Kyoto

13th April w/ Sam Andreae, Otto Willberg, Toshimaru Nakamura @ Ftarri, Toyko

11th April Ears are watching Eyes are listening performance installation w/ Sam Andreae, Otto Willberg, Mio Ebisu,  Kouhei Sekigawa @ Blockhouse, Tokyo

9th April workshop w/ Sam Andreae, Otto Willberg, Deku Ogawa, Aya Ogawa @ Hakodate

8th April w/ Sam Andreae, Otto Willberg, Aya Ogawa, Deku Ogawa @ Pure Experience, Hakodate

30th March Noise Orchestra presents end of research project jams: Noise Orchestra w/Sal McGuire + Tech Hermits + Dan Valentine + Andrea Pazos @ Texture, Manchester

26th March trio w/ Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor plus loads more: Raw Tonk Festival @ The Old Bank, 216 Chapel St, Salford

15th March Noise Orchestra workshop @ MOSI late event, Manchester

9th March Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble @ Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Manchester

7th March Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble +  Richard Scott x2 duo @ Fizzle, Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

28th February David Birchall: guitar Ecka Mordecai: cello Richard Scott: viola Otto Willberg: double bass + Vicky Clarke: electronics @ Old Bank, Bexley Sq, Salford

26th January Historically Fucked @ Texture, Manchester


18th December solo + Kate Armitage/Rosanne Robertson + Ben Knight/Rob Lye + Bad @ Maths + Richard Harrison/Matt Wand @ Milkroom, Manchester

5th December w/Historically Fucked + Guttersnipe @ Fuel, Manchester

26th November David Birchall/Rogier Smal/Colin Webster @ Het Bos, Antwerp

25th November David Birchall/Rogier Smal/Colin Webster @ Koffie en Ambacht, Rotterdam

24th November  David Birchall/Rogier Smal/Colin Webster @ De Ruimte, Amsterdam

19th November Birchall/Cheetham/Webster/Willberg @ Islington Mill, Salford

17th November Birchall/Cheetham/Webster/Willberg @ Cafe Oto Project Space, London

13th November Michael Fischer + Padang Food Tigers + Monome/Jay Gilligan + Rie Nakajima/Pierre Berthet/Lee Patterson @ Idle Chatter, Unit 5, Regent Trading Estate, Salford

17th-31st October Noise Orchestra Residency @ STEIM, Amsterdam

20th October duo w/ Dirar Kalash @ Helicopter, Den Haag

16th October Wild Places Sound Drawing/Improvising Workshop @ Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts, Northants 10am- 4pm

30th September solo + Manoli Moriaty + Jason Singh/Jaydev Mistry @ 3 Minute Thetare, Manchester

19th September Historically Fucked @ The Castle, Manchester

25th August David Birchall/Ecka Mordecai @ Islington Mill, Salford

13th-22nd August Noise Orchestra Residency @ Q02 Brussells

5th August David Birchall/Phil Marks @ Fuel, Manchester

23rd July opening of LRM Show @ People’s History Museum, Manchester

22nd July MUD WINO (4tet w/ DB/Edwin Stevens/David McLean/Alecs Pierce) @ Fuel, Manchester

13th July trio w/ Rogier Smal/Colin Webster/David Birchall + Alex Ward Group @ I’klectik, London

12th July  Yeah You + Schwimmbad Duo + BirchallDrenchingMarks @ Klondyke, Manchester

26th June Ant Traditions (duo with Adam Fairhall) @ Lume Festival, I’klectik, London

25/26th June Noise Orchestra Installation @ Warp Festival, Whitworth Park, Manchester

25th June David Birchall/THF Drenching/Philip Marks @ Golden Lion, Todmorden

17th June Noise Orchestra Arts + Tech Open Studio @ Madlab, Manchester

14th June THF Drenching/Kate Armitage Duo + Dan Bridgwood-Hill/Ecka Mordecai/Otto Willberg/David Birchall @ Stretford Sip Club, Manchester

9th June Spacefood (trio w/ Adam Fairhall & Johnny Hunter) @ Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Manchester

3rd June Noise Orchestra Workshop @ Texture, Manchester 4:30-6:30pm

2nd June w/ Greta Buitkute/Otto Willberg/Philip Marks + Human Heads + Ashtray Navigations/Embla Quickbeam @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds

21st May Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble + Sam Andreae + Acrid Lactations @ St Margarets Church, Manchester

20th May Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble + Sam Andreae @ 100 Years Gallery, London

10th May David Birchall/Otto Willberg/THF Drenching @ Stretford Sip Club

1st May with Severed Shadow group @ Cafe Oto Stage, Sounds from the Other City, Salford

29th April w/ Severed Shadow Large Ensemble + Kodian Trio + ArmitageDrenchingJackson @ St Margarets Church, Manchester

26th April Db duo w DBH plus more private venue (get in touch for details), Stretford, Manchester

20th April 50 Steps end of tour performance @ Square Chapel, Halifax

17th April trio w/ Olie Brice & Colin Webster @ 100 Years Gallery, London

23rd, 24th, 27th March Noise Orchestra Installation 5th floor @ Islington Mill, Salford

12th March David Birchall/Colin Webster/Rogier Smal @ 100 Years Gallery, London

11th March David Birchall/Colin Webster/Rogier Smal @ Cowley Club, Brighton

10th March David Birchall/Colin Webster/Rogier Smal @ Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

9th March David Birchall/Colin Webster/Rogier Smal @ Fuse, Bradford

8th March David Birchall/Colin Webster/Rogier Smal @ Islington Mill, Salford

5th March A Big Hand (Tony Bevan/Dom Lash/Philip Marks/Paul Obermeyer + Rogier Smal + Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Trio @ St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

21st February 5tet w/ Javier Saso/Nicolas Dobson/Mar Rodrigeuz/Javier Entonado @ Teatro Puerta Estrecha, Madrid

12th February L’Ocelle Mare + Kelly Jayne Jones/Jon Collin Duo + Katz Mulk @ St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

14th January David Birchall/Rodrigo Constanzo/THF Drenching/Anton Hunter/Johnny Hunter @ Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Manchester


16th December Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura + Yerba Mansa + Chalaque + David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Colin Webster/Otto Willberg  @ Cafe Oto, London

15th December David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Colin Webster/Otto Willberg @ Fizzle, Birmingham

14th December David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Colin Webster/Otto Willberg @ Over the Top, Sheffield

11th December David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Colin Webster/Otto Willberg @ Very Bon night, Fuel, Manchester

1st November Ant Traditions (Duo w/ Adam Fairhall) @ Fusebox, Fox and Newt, Leeds

31st October Noise Orchestra, Final Residency Performance @ Media Museum, Bradford

12th September-31st October Artist in Residence w/ Vicky Clarke as Noise Orchestra @ National Media Museum, Bradford (on gallery every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in this period)

17th October 50 Steps @ Garrigal Village Hall, Garrigal, Cumbria

13th October artists talk about Echo Trace Book Project w/ Andrea Pazos @ Stockport Art Gallery 6-7:30pm

20th September 50 Steps @ Moorland Visitor Centre, Edale, Derbyshire

18th September trio DM Birchall/THF Drenching/Rodrigo Constanzo + TJ Burden @ The Cutting Room, Manchester

10th September Noise Orchestra, Thursday Late @ Media Museum, Bradford

26th August solos and trio w/ Konstantin Sukhan & Anton Kolosov @ “Not Public Space”, Moscow

19th August Phil Minton/Luke Poot/Pascal Nichols + THF Drenching/Odie Ji Ghast @ Klondyke Club, Manchester

15th August DSDV @ Tor ist das Festival, Todmorden

1st August Make Yr Own Noise workshop @ Fact, Liverpool

30th July Noise Orchestra workshop w/ WYC @ Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

27th July Echo Trace follow up workshop w/ Andrea Pazos @ Wythenshawe Games, Wythenshawe park, Manchester

20th July 50 Steps @ Dales Countryside Musuem, Hawes, North Yorks

11th July Music Drawing Duo w/ Naomi Kendrick @ Paper Gallery, 3pm

3rd July 50 Steps @ Waterfront Hall, Hebden Bridge, W. Yorks

27th June w/ Sam Andreae, Seth Cooke & Hannah Marshall @ Mining Institute, Newcastle

26th June w/ Sam Andreae, Seth Cooke & Hannah Marshall @ nice cafe called ?, Macclesfield

25th June Ortho Stice Big Band + David Birchall, Sam Andreae, Seth Cooke & Hannah Marshall @ Islington Mill, Salford

24th June David Birchall solo + Darren Adcock + Suzuki Junzo @ Fuel, Manchester

17th June David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham + Akode @ Fusebox, Leeds

12th June Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble + Jon Rose + Bob Ostertaag @ Ausland, Berlin, Germany

10th June Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble @ Mogz, Warsaw, Poland

9th June Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble + Shepherds of Cats @ Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych, Wroclaw, Poland

7th June Duo w/ Philip Marks + Richard Scott/Frank Grawtowski/Michael Vorfeld @ Studio 8, Berlin, Germany

5th June Duo w/Philip Marks  + John Rose/Julia Reidy/Meinrad Kneer @ K77, Berlin, Germany

30th May performance w/Noise Upstairs/Owl Project Withington Library Echo Trace Workshop Participants & Installation w/ field recordings from Wythenshawe Library Echo Trace Project @ Manchester Central Library

28th May solo and duo w/Colin Webster: Lume @ Long White Cloud, London

26th May Echo Trace Workshop @ Wythenshawe Library, Manchester 5-8pm

19th May Echo Trace Workshop @ Wythenshawe Library, Manchester 5-8pm

16th May Improv Workshop w/ DB, Fiona Kennedy & John Fail @ Open Sourcing Festival, Sheffield 10:30am-5pm

12th May Echo Trace Workshop @ Wythenshawe Library, Manchester 5-8pm

9th May Colin Webster/David Birchall/Otto Willberg/Andrew Cheetham, @ 100 years Gallery, London

3rd May ABC Trio @ Sounds From Other City, Salford

2nd May  Tubers Mini Festival: Bark!, Cathy Heyden/Rogier Smal, Rosanne Robertson, Vitalija Glovackyte/Joe Snape – Joint Set, Han-Earl Park/Dominic Lash/Corey Mwamba, Ortho Stice @ St Margaret’s Church

26th April trio w/ THF Drenching/Greta Buitkute/D Birchall soundtracking films by Jeff Keen @ Joshua Brookes, Manchester

25th April mixed media improv 50 Steps w/ Ruth Jones/Stacey Johnstone/Natalie Speake & Simon Warner @ South Square Gallery, Thorton nr Bradford

23rd April DSDV/Yerba Mansa/David Birchall/Colin Webster/Otto Willberg/Andrew Cheetham/Chalaque @ Roadhouse, Manchester

18th April DSDV @ John Doe Jr Records, Greenfield MA

17th April DSDV @ Sugar Shack, Buffalo NY

16th April DSDV @ Als Bar, Lexington KY

15th April DSDV @  record store? Louisville KY

14th April DSDV @ Cafe Bourbon Street, Columbus OH

13th April DSDV @ Magnetic South, Bloomington IN

12th April DSDV @ The Owl, Chicago IL

10th April DSDV @ Kellys Bar, Detroit, MI

9th April DSDV @ Now Thats Class, Cleveland OH

7th April DSDV @ Cayuga Lodge, Ithaca NY

6th April DSDV @ Helderberg House, Albany NY

4th April DSDV @ Deep Thoughts Records, Boston MA

2nd April DSDV @ Half Moon, Hudson, New York

31st March Dave Birchall/Otto Willberg Duo @ Legion, Brooklyn

29th March Dave Birchall/Otto Willberg Duo @ COMA, ABC No Rio, New York

12th March trio w/THF Drenching/audio presence of Odie Ji Ghast @ Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Withington, Manchester

March 3rd trio w/ THF Drenching/Greta Buitkute/D Birchall + Joe Snape + Laurence Tomkins/Otto Willberg @ The Milkroom, Hotspur House, Manchester

February 18th w/ Dark Pool + Rosalee 23 + Tom Long @ Gullivers, Manchester

February 11th Dirar Kalash/Alison Blunt + David Birchall/Otto Willberg + The Innards @ Milkroom, Manchester

February 8th Sam Andreae/Andrew Cheetham/David Birchall/ Javier Saso + Roland Ramanan 10tet @ Lume, Vortex, London

February 7th w/Javier Saso + Nick Jonah Davies/Jo Cormack  + Murray Royston-Ward @ Chameleon, Nottingham

February 6th w/Javier Saso + Trans/Human + Sam Andreae/Lisa Ullen/Dom Lash @ St Margaret’s Church, Manchester

February 5th w/ Javier Saso + Trans/Human + Adult Mags + Lovely Honkey @ Audacious Space, Sheffield

February 4th w/ Javier Saso + Trans/Human @ Fuse Gallery, Bradford

February 3rd w/ Javier Saso + Trans/Human @ The Old Police Station, Gateshead

January 23rd Ortho Stice (Sam Andreae/Dave Bainbridge/David Birchall/Otto Willberg/Alex Tod/Alecs Pierce) + Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides + Rodrigo Constanzo @ Milkroom, Manchester

January 16th w/ Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ 13th Note, Glasgow

January 11th w /Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ Cafe Oto, London


20th December Chastity Potatoe + special guests Joyce Whitchurch & Joincey @ Audacious Space,  Sheffield

6th December (promoting Tubers) Achim Kaufman/Olie Brice Duo + Alan Wilkinson/THF Drenching Duo + Malchamech @ St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

29th November solo + Howie Reeve & DBH, Milkroom, Manchester

21st November (Tubers) Richard Scott/Helmut Lemke + Colin Webster/Otto Willberg/Andrew Cheetham + Ruth Jones/Stacey Johnstone/Natalie Speake/David Birchall @ St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

16th November Lightning Ensemble (Richard Scott/Phil Marks/Adam Linson/David Birchall) @ Mopomoso, Vortex, London

14th November Noise Above Noise end of Residency performance @ Penthouse, Hilton St, Manchester

13th November  Penthouse Residency Workshop @ Penthouse, Hilton St, Manchester Manchester

1st November trio w/ Otto Will (double bass) & Sam Andreae (sax) @ SubrosA, Manchester

18th October assisting Kelly Jayne Jones w/ Heart of Glass Workshop, St Helens Covered Market, St Helens

11th October Penthouse Residency Reading Group @ Penthouse, Hilton St, Manchester

8th October promoting w Tubers: Haste (Ingrid Laubrock/Veryan Weston/Hannah Marshall) + Grew Quartet (Stephen Grew/Matt Robinson/Seth Bennett/Phillip Marks) + Lauren Kinsella/Liam Noble/Chris Batchelor Trio @ Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester

3rd October Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Trio @ WIM, Zurich, CH

30th September  Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Trio @ FIM, Basel, CH

21st September Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Trio @ Ship & Mitre, Liverpool

20th September w/ Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura @ Scenewipe Alldayer, Manchester

18th September w/ David McLean/Otto Willberg @ Bayhorse, Manchester

31st July Centrifuge 28 @ Kro Bar, Manchester

11th July David Birchall + Audrey Chen/Andrea Parkins + Simon Rose/Christopher Williams@ Auxx, Kino Lichtblicht K77, Berlin

10th July Chakai House + David Birchall + Ross Parfit/Maltida ? @ B Side , Munster

9th July Chakai House + David Birchall + Dagora @ OCCII, Amsterdam

8th July Chakai House + David Birchall + Martial Frenzel @ Mulheim a.d. Rhur “Makroscope”

7th July  Chakai House + David Birchall @ Fasanerie, Saarbrukken

5th July Chakai House + David Birchall @ Atelier de L’Etoile, Besancon

4th July Chakai House + David Birchall + Ganguru + Napalm Jazz @ Instants Chavire, Paris

25th June w/ Julie Kjaer/Sam Andreae/Olie Brice/Andrew Cheetham + Alan Wilkinson/Pat Thomas/John Coxon/Steve Noble @ Flim Flam, Ryans Bar, Stoke Newington, London

21st June Tour De Force Bicycle Orchestra Workshops & Performances @ Nelson Mandella Corner, Huddersfield

14th June duo w/ Otto Willberg + Beleid Gunako + Obsidian’s Pond @ Sub Rosa, Lloyd Street, Manchester

13th June Zaimph + Heather Leigh Murray + Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura @ Kraak, Manchester

7th June Chaines + Jon Collin + Restless Palms  @ Milkroom, Manchester

1st June Racket: A mini programme of experimental and live sound arts performances featuring: Graham Dunning + Sarah Farmer + Manoli Moriaty + Rosanne Robertson + David Birchall + Debbie Sharp 2pm @ Stryx, Digbeth, Birmingham

31st May Artists Talk at If Wet… Salon, Supersonic Festival @ Custard Factory, Birmingham

25th May

8pm w/ The Eternal Return Arkestra of Gizeh: part of epic 50 person tag team jam 5th Floor of Mill.

11.15pm David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Colin Webster: Tombed Visions Stage.

@ Fat Out Festival, Islington Mill, Salford

11th May David Birchall/Rogier Smal + Possett + Popular Radiation + Neil Campbell @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds

10th May David Birchall/Rogier Smal + Kogumaza + Nadir + Apalusa @ Stuck on a Name Studios, Nottingham

9th May David Birchall/Rogier Smal @ Mello Mello, Liverpool

8th May David Birchall/Rogier Smal @ Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Manchester

28th April Phil Minton/Luke Poot Duo + David Birchall @ Bank Street Arts , Sheffield

27th April Phil Minton/Luke Poot Duo + David Birchall @ Kinningpark Complex, Glasgow

26th April Phil Minton/Luke Poot Duo + David Birchall @ Mining Institute, Newcastle

19th April w/ Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

27th March w/ Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble + Stephen Grew + Hannah Marshall/Lauren Kinsella/Nick Malcolm @ St. Margaret’s Church, Manchester

26th March w/ Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble +Snarked @ Over The Top, Sheffield

14th March Robert Ashley pieces & films @ Milkroom, Manchester

13th March w/various splendid combos @ Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Manchester

8th March w/ Chastity Potatoe @ Crater Lake Festival, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

 20th February Solo + Now Wash Your Hands, Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp, Gwen Osmond and Kim Foale @ Noise Above Noise 3, Penthouse, Manchester

7th February w/ Marvo Men + Belied Gauniko+ Irma Vep + Restless Palms (Helen Brealey: piano frame DB: guitar) @ Milkroom, Manchester

26th January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ South Street Arts Centre, Reading, UK

25th January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura w/Samara Lubelski @ Les Instants Chavires, Paris, France

24th January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ OCCII, Amsterdam, Netherlands

23rd January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ Falk, Antwerp, Belgium

22nd January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ Das Hirschenech, Basel, CH

21st January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ Rhiz, Vienna, Austria

19th January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands

18th January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ Charles Bradlaugh, Northampton, UK

17th January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ Dulcimer, Manchester

16th January Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura @ Brudenell Social Club, Leed, UK

10th January (Tubers Promotion) Roger Turner & Urs Leimgruber + Julie Kjaer/Seth Bennett/Andrew Cheetham/David Birchall + Richard Scott @ St. Margarets Church, Whalley Range, Manchester


30th November Chastity Potatoe + Bismuth + Ghould @ No Use For a Name Studio, Nottingham

29th November Chastity Potatoe + Hapsburg Braganza @ House Show, Newcastle

28th November Chastity Potatoe + Jiyah Kelly + Level 43 + Poot/Knight @ Milkroom, Manchester

26th November Chastity Potatoe @ Harlow’s Monkey 4, somewhere in the woods, Poulton- le- Fylde

23rd November w/ Chastity Potatoe + Bloodsport + amazing sonic splendors @ Fete de Noise Bday do, Audacious Space, Sheffield

21st November w/ Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura opening for Wolf Eyes @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

19th November with awesome Trio Riot big band @ Matt & Phreds, Manchester

15th November Simon Prince Quartet + DB solo acoustic guitar, Brecht, Weill & Eisler Festival @ Cross Street Chapel, Manchester 8pm start

11th November Trio w/Rogier Smal & James Harrar + rad group jams w/Rogier Smal, James Harrar, Helen Brealey, Gary Kelly, Richard Harrison, Huw Wahl & Insa Langhorst @ Milkroom, Manchester

10th November recording session w/ Marshall Allen, James Harrar, Rogier Smal, Paddy Steer, Graham Massey & Richard Harrison @ St. Margarets Church, Manchester

6th November Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham + Stephan Sieban/Peter Friis Nielsen/Håkon Berre @ Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark

5th November Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham + Trouble Hunting @ Tsuki Festival, Århus, Denmark

3rd November Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham + Finn Luxbo/Elsa Bergman/Issak Hedtjarn/Anton? @ Houseshow, Gothenburg, Sweden

2nd November Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham + Johs Lunds/Jon Wesseltoft/Jørgen Mathisen/Dag Erik Knedal Andersen @ Brugata, Oslo, Norway

19th October Roro/David Birchall/Luke Poot trio + Roases + No Thumbs + Nathan @ Audacious Space, Sheffield

18th October Duane Pitre + Sophie Cooper Band + Roro/David Birchall duo @ St Margaret’s Church, Manchester

5th October (Tubers co-promotion with Freedom Principle) Silence Blossoms + Grew Quartet @ St Margaret’s Church, Manchester

30th September (Tubers Promotion) Hannah Marshall (cello)/Kelly Jones (flute)/Sam Andreae (sax) + Phil Marks (percussion/David Birchall duo @ Milkroom, Hotspur House, Manchester

21st September (Tubers Promotion) Toby Delius/Olie Brice/Mark Sanders/David Birchall + Nina Whiteman @ Milkroom, Hotspur House, Manchester

19th September  Robert Curvegeon + trio w/ Sam Andreae/Andrew Cheetham/David Birchall @ The Bayhorse, Manchester

15th September big group blowout compositions by Sam Andreae/Hunter Hunter @ Kro Bar, Oxford Road, Manchester

8th September (Tubers Promotion) Roro/dB+ Nacht Und Nebel + Lumbers @ Thomas Restaurant, Thomas St, Manchester

14th August  Joshua Burkett, Jon Collin, Chalaque, Sam Schlitt + David Birchall @ Kraak Gallery, Manchester

27th July w/ Manchester Guitar Orchestra @ Z Arts, Manchester 12 noon

24th July L’Entrangeleuse + DB solo + McWatt + Irma Vep @ Kro Bar, Manchester

19th July w/ Alfredo Genovesi (guitar) Jong-Kag Park-Kage (electronics) Katie Duck (dance) Miri Lee (dance) Raakesh Suk (dance) Tom Van Wee (dance) Tamzin Hurley (dance) @ Freakatonia Witchy Weekend, Studio 7, Amsterdam

13th July Human Heads + Chastity Potatoe @ Echnum, Antwerp

12th July Human Heads + Chastity Potatoe + Su Fitz  + DJ Stront + Halvis @ OCCII, Amsterdam

11th July Human Heads + Chastity Potatoe + Su Fitz + Teepea + H @ Rote Flora, Hamburg

10th July Human Heads + Chastity Potatoe + Su Fitz + Pascal Nichols + Jon Collin @ Halle B, AM Hawerkamp, Munster

8th July Human Heads + Chastity Potatoe + Su Fitz @ Madame Claude, Berlin

7th July Human Heads + Chastity Potatoe @ Klangkunst, Leipzig

5th July Human Heads + Chastity Potatoe @ Karel Ball, Brussels

4th July Human Heads + Chastity Potatoe + Lost Wax + Occult Hand @ Coach House, Brighton

2nd July Human Heads + Chastity Potatoe + Adam Bohman/Tom James Scott + Lost Wax @ Power Lunches, Dalston, London

30th June w/Dirar Kalash/Nick Dobson/David Birchall + Lovely Honkey @ St. Margarets Church, Manchester

29th June w/ Dirar Kalash + Stuckometer + Marvo Men @ Audacious Space, Sheffield

28th June w/Dirar Kalash/Nick Dobson/David Birchall + Splitty Cheeks + Patchy Drizzle + Quack Quack @ Polish Club, Bradford

22nd June w/ Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble + David Birchall solo+ Dirar Kalash @ Aural Detritus, Phoenix Arts, Brighton

21st June w/ Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble + Dirar Kalash/David Birchall Duo + Builders Crack + Bottisham & Beyond @ Klinker, Tottenham Chances, London N17

19th June w/ Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble (Richard Scott/Adam Linson/Philip Marks/David Birchall) + Bagpipes for Pluto @ Flim Flam, Ryan’s Bar, Stoke Newington, London

15th June (Tubers promotion) Bark! + Nina Whiteman + Jiyah Kelly @ St. Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

8th June Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra with Ken Turner & Insa Langhorst, Resound Festival, Cornwall Autonomous Arts @ Acorn Theatre, Penzance

6th June Improv Workshop on Field Recording w/ Coryn Smethurst @ Z Arts, 335 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester

2nd June solo @ a curious night, Nip & Tipple, Manchester

25th May Birchall/Cheetham Duo + Seth Bennett + Kogumaza + loads more @ Delius Centre, Bradford 1pm-6pm

12th May Desmadrados w/ Avarus @ Dulcimer, Manchester

5th May Birchall/Cheetham Duo @ Buried Bones Stage, Sounds from the other City, Salford

2nd May Improv Workshop @ Z Arts, 335 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester

30th April promoting w/ Tubers MOPOMOSO tour  featuring Evan Parker/John Russell/John Edwards, Pat Thomas, Kay Grant/Alex Ward, Alison Blunt/David Leahy/Benedict Taylor plus Matt Wand/Richard Harrison/David Birchall @ St. Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

27th April Vom + DBH + Irma Vep + Ramallah Mumtaz Power Duo (David Birchall & Nick Dobson) @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds

24th April Solo  improvisation w film by Sarah Hill @ Video Jam, MMU 5pm-7pm

11th April Solo w/ Castle Built in Sand “Helpyourself Manchester” Film @ Star & Shadow, Newcastle

8th April “Maggie’s bye bye do” solo + / Jooklo Duo/Part Wild Horses/Motion Detectors + amazing group jam w/everyone present @ Milkroom, Manchester

4th April Improv Workshop @ Z Arts, 335 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester

28th March Solo  at opening and birdsong drawings in show@ 3 Exhibiton, Z Arts, 335 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester 6:30pm

22nd March w/ Nick Dobson (Ramallah Mumtaz Power Duo) @ Skipton Improv, Christ Church, Skipton

14th March Birchall/Cheetham Duo  Fuel, Manchester

13th March Birchall/Cheetham Duo @ Riverside Cafe, Sheffield

12th March Birchall/Cheetham Duo @ Delius Centre, Bradford

8th March Birchall/Cheetham Duo @ Plugd Records, Cork

7th March Birchall/Cheetham Duo @ Whelans, Dublin

5th March Birchall/Cheetham Duo with Oxford Improvisors @ The Old Fire Station, Oxford

4th March Birchall/Cheetham Duo @ Boat Ting, London

3rd March Birchall/Cheetham Duo @ Chameleon, Nottingham

1st March promoting as Tubers Alan Tomlinson/Dave Tucker/Phil Marks + Piss Superstition + Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Ruth Jones @ St. Margaret’s Church, Rufford Road, Manchester

9th February promoting as Tubers: Struck & Blown- 3 Trumpet & Drum duos @ St. Margaret’s Church, Rufford Road, Manchester

7th February Improv Workshop @ Z Arts, 335 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester

2nd February Music Drawing w/ Naomi Kendrick + DBH (plus solo from DMB & DBH) @ Roby, Dickenson Road, Longsight, Manchester 6pm-9pm

27th January solo + McWatt + Helpyourself Manchester Film Showing @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds

24th January (promoting as Tubers) Nacht & Nebel, Lumbers, Roros @ Tubers HQ, Manchester


16th December solo @ A Curious Night @ Nip & Tipple, Manchester

15th December (promoting w/ Tubers) Konk Pack + Richard Scott + Birchall/Harrison/Jones/Wu @ Dulcimer, Manchester

13th December great group jams @ Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Manchester

6th December Co-leading Improvisation workshop with Anton Hunter & Kelly Jones @ Z Arts, Manchester

30th November w/ Desmedrados Soldados de Ventura @ 1 in 12 Club, Bradford

23rd November solo @ Castles Built In Sand screening of “Helpyourself Manchester” film @ Klondyke, Levenshulme, Manchester

17th November Music Drawing w/ Naomi Kendrick & Dan Bridgwood-Hill @ Liverpool Biennal

10th November (promoting w/ Tubers) Akode, film by Veronica Ibarra , David Birchall/Richard Harrison/Matt Wand @ St. Margarets Church, Manchester

9th November David Birchall/Olie Brice/Phillip Marks/Michelle Yom @ K77, Berlin

8th November Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio + Richard Scott @ Sowieso, Berlin

7th November Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio + Mikaele Pellegrino  @ Sowieso, Berlin

6th November Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio + Tobius Delius @ Sowieso, Berlin

1st November Co-leading Improvisation workshop with Anton Hunter & Kelly Jones @ Z Arts, Manchester

31st October Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio @ Safehouse, Brighton

26th October Birchall/Cheetham Duo @ Hunters Moon Festival, County Leitrim, Ireland

21st October w/ Desmedrados Soldados de Ventura @ Night & Day Cafe, Manchester

13th October The Dreaming w/ Bekke Platt & Aliyah Hussein, Emergency @ Castlefield Gallery, Manchester 2pm

13th October music drawing with Naomi Kendrick and DBH @ Whitworth Gallery, Manchester 9:30pm

12th & 13th October Manchester Artists Bookfair @ Manchester School of Art stall with Pascal Nichols & Carlos Thomas

4th October Co-leading Improvisation Workshop with Anton Hunter & Kelly Jones @ Z Arts, Manchester

24th September Birchall/Cheetham Duo opening for Ken Vandemark/Olie Brice/Mark Sanders @ Kraak, Manchester

20th September Centrifuge @ Ducie Bridge, Manchester

19th September ONE w/ Bekke Platt @ Lowry, Salford

16th September Stuckometer, @ Ship & Mitre, Liverpool

13th September Birchall/Cheetham Duo opening for Alan Silva/Roger Turner plus Nick Mitchell/ Pascal Nichols/Helmut Lemke @ Night & Day Cafe, Manchester

8th September Music Drawing duo w/ Naomi Kendrick, MAPS Festival, Preston Railway Station

30th August showing of work in progress on “The Dreaming” Salford University

21st August mini tubers Core of the Coalman + Roman Nose + David Birchall @ tubers HQ Manchester

21st July Chastity Potato + Acrid Lactations + Marvo Men @ Acrid HQ, Glasgow

20th July Chastity Potatoe + Acrid Lactations + Possett @ Morden Tower, Newcastle

19th July Chastity Potato + Acrid Lactations +Roman Nose + Oceclotalot@ Fox & Newt, Leeds

18th July Chastity Poatoe + Acrid Lactations @ Christ Church, Skipton

17th July Chastity Potatoe + Acrid Lactation + Steve Chase @The Redhouse, Sheffield

15th July Chastity Potatoe + Acrid Lactation + Chora @ Sebright Arms, London 7pm start

14th July (Tubers) Juxtavoices + Open Eye + Acrid Lactations @ St. Margaret’s Church, Manchester

29th June Locative audio:city as museum: city as instrument @ Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester, 12-4pm

24th June Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio @ Union House, Todmorden

23rd June Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio @ Showroom Cinema 5, Sheffield

20th June Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio @ Flim Flam, Ryans Bar, London

16th June David Birchall (guitar) Richard Scott (electronics/buchla/wigi) Richard Harrsion (percussion) @ milkroom, Manchester

29th May music drawing w/ Naomi Kendrick/DBH/Paddy Bax @ Salford Uni, Media City, Salford

14th May Duo w/ Richard Scott + Jason Urich @ Madam Claude, Berlin

13th May w/ Klaus Janek, Anat Cohavi @ Sowieso, Berlin

11th May w/ Simon Rose, Steve Heather. AUXX in Berlin @ Lichtblick Kino, K77, Berlin

22nd April Birchall/Cheetham soundtrack to short film “Reflections on Sex in a Pyramid” @ Antwerp Mansion Video Jam, Manchester

14th April workshop & performance @ Union House, Todmorden

9th April Birchall/Cheetham/Luke Poot  + Volcano the Bear + Haydn/Jones/Joinson @ Castle, Manchester

4th April Trichord workshop w/ Yuri Landman @ Bradford Uni

31st March Kalbakken + Last Harbour @ Tudor House, Wigan

30th March Kalbakken + Last Harbour @ Glossop

23rd March (promoting as Tubers) Jon Mueller (US) solo performance + David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Naomi Kendrick + Belied Guaniko @ St. Margarets Church, Manchester

17th March (micro tubers) Philip Marks/Dom Lash/Mark Hanslip + more @ Milkroom, Manchester

15th March solo performance @ Manchester School of Art (lunchtime show 12:30pm start) Manchester

7th March Chastity Potatoe (w/ Luke Poot) @ Zap Manchester Fest, Night & Day Cafe, Manchester

25th Feb performance of ONE w/ Bekke Platt @Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

22nd Feb David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Dominic Lash, @Flim Flam London

18th Feb (promoting as Tubers) Caroline Kraabel(US)/John Edwards(UK)/Richard Harrison(UK) + With Lumps (Glasgow) @ St. Margarets Church, Manchester

7th Feb Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio @ Fizzle, Birmingham

4th Feb Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio  Club Zygotic all dayer @ The Green Door Store, Brighton

3rd Feb (tubers) Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio + Hard Pan + Films from Castles Built in Sand Collective @ St. Margarets Church, Manchester

1st Feb Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio + RM Hubbert @ Town Hall, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire

28th Jan Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio @ House gig, Lancaster

27th Jan Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio @ Christ Church, Skipton


15th December w/ Phillip Marks/Martin Archer/Mick Beck @ Over the top, Sheffield

10th Dec TUBERS XMAS mash up featuring Spaceheads + Kalbakken (kirsty:voice/violin, david: guitar, nick: percusssion, DBH: violin/piano) + DJ Special K + Jaime Rory Lucy’s Rucksack Cinema @ St. Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

3rd Dec TUBERS Blue Yodel/O’Dubslaine/Pascal Nichols @ St. Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

30th Nov David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham @ The Croft, Bristol

29th Nov David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham @ Chameleon Arts Centre, Nottingham

28th Nov  David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham @ The Gower, Cardiff

28th November AD HOC Dance performance using my Spoke drawings as scores @ Lowry, Salford

26th Nov David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham @ Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

25th Nov David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham @ 64 West Princess St, Glasgow

24th Nov David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham @ Ducie Bridge, Manchester

23rd November Duo w/ Bekke Platt @ Bluecoat, Liverpool

19th November Tubers: Ludo Mitch/Pascal Nichols/Harrapian Night recordings Trio @ St. Margarets Church, Manchester

17th November Stuckometer soundtrack to “This sporting life” @ The Castle, Oldham St. Manchester

5th November Klaus Janek double bass (IT)/Scott Looney piano (US)/Tony Bevan saxophones (UK) & Invisible Hand (UK) & Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern (Mcr) @ St. Margarets Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

3rd November Hotspur 6 opening for Diatribes 6tet @ St, Margarets Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

23rd October acoustic guitar duo w/ Anton Hunter opening for L’Ocelle de Mare @ St. Margaret’s Church, Manchester

15th October w/ Andrew Cheetham ‘After hours’ performance with photography @ Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

7th October w/ Kalbakken (full band line up: kirsty birchall: voice, violin david birchall: guitar, voice olie brice: double bass nicolas dobson: percussion @ St. Nicholas Church, Leicester

25th September Stephen Grew keys/electronics & David Birchall guitar @ Lancaster Jazz Festival

24th September (Tubers gig) Le Drapeau Noir and others tbc Manchester

8th September Stuckometer @ Fuel, Manchester

14th August Spoke Scores appearing as part of Soundfjord curated night @ Galerie8, London

13th August w/ Andrew Cheetham opening up for Troublebooks @ Castle Hotel, Oldham St, Manchester

5th August Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble (Richard Scott electronics,wifi.buchla/Adam Linson double bass/Phillip Marks percussion/David Birchall guitar), Womb Collective & Human Combustion Engine @ St. Margarets Church, Rufford Rd, Whalley Range, Manchester

4th August Richard Scott’s Lightening Ensemble (Richard Scott, Adam Linson, David Birchall) @ International Computer Music Festival @ Huddersfield University

15th July (promoting w/ Tubers) Mathilde & Paddy Steer @ St Margarets Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

8th July w/ Dave Jackson (sax) Richard Harrison (percussion) Nick Dobson (violin) Pascal Nichols (drum machine) Kelly Jones (flute) Joincey (bass) soundtrack to “Priest and the seashell” Castles Built In Sand Film Collective benefit @ St Margarets Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

7th July w/ DBH (keys/percussion) & Naomi Kendricks (live drawing) @ Blank Space, Hulme St, Manchester

10th June Trio w/ Rod Constanzo & Herve Perez, Quartet w/ Richard Scott, Richard Knight & Simon Prince @ Mantis Festival, University of Manchester

10th June (Tubers helping out MIE) John Tilbury’s Worstword Ho @ St. Margarets Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

3rd June w/ Richard Scott & Olaf Rupp & Hilary Jeffery @ AUXXX in BERLIN, Kastenienallee 77 (lichtblikino)
10435 BERLIN Germany

28th May (promoting as Tubers: Vom (Glasgow) Pyramidion (Glasgow) & David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham Duo @ Gullivers, Oldham Street, Manchester

26th May Stuckometer @ Castle, Oldham St, Manchester

20th May (Tubers helping out MIE) Open Eye Quartet opening for John Butcher/Okkung Lee @ St. Margarets Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

16th May duo w/ Phil Marks @ Boat ting, London

15th May duo w/ Phil Marks @ Crown & Mitre, Liverpool

14th May duo w/ Phil Marks @ Gregson, Lancaster

12th May duo w/Phil Marks @Fuel, Manchester

11th May duo w/ Phil Marks @ Riverside, Sheffield

6th May Performance of ONE w/ Bekke Platt @ Bloc Projects, Sheffield

28th April solo as part of Little Red Rabbit Night @ Sacred Trinity Church, Salford

15th April solo @ Islington Mill, Salford

14th April various groups, Noise Upstairs @ Fuel, Manchester

1st April performance of ONE w/ Rebekka Platt (Seedfund commission by Greenroom/Håb @ Greenroom, Manchester

25th/26th/27th March 23.00-08.00 contribution to drone collage (Un)Pleasant Overdrones broadcast on Source FM as part of Resound Falmouth

26th March (as promoter) Aural Detritus & Mick Beck/Phil Marks/David Birchall @ Pas n Kellys, Manchester

22nd March part of band for Rhys Chatham G3 performance @ Islington Mill, Salford

10th March various groups @ Noise Upstairs @ Fuel, Manchester

3rd March performance of ONE w/ Rebekka Platt (Seedfund commission by Greenroom/Håb) Turn @ Greenroom, Manchester

28th February Open Eye Duo @ Sandbar, Manchester

21st February Stuckometer opening for Flower/Campell Duo/Our love will destroy the world @ Islington Mill, Salford

18th February (as promoter) Hobo Sonn + Duncan Harrison+ Paddy Steer/Richard Harrison/Pascal Nichols @ St. Margarets Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

10th February open session @ Noise Upstairs @ Fuel, Manchester

4th February various groups w/ Alex Drool/Eran Sachs/Kelly Jones/Pascal Nichols/Stuart Arnot/Su Fitz/Alex O’Shea/Jim O’Shea/Jolon Dixon @ St. Margarets Church, Manchester

3rd February various groups @ Centrifuge @ Kro Bar, Manchester

28th January w/ Richard Knight/Ian Simpson/Harry Galimore @ Britons Protection, Manchester


21st December various groups, Quadelectronic @ Quad Studios, Leicester

9th December various groups, Noise Upstairs @ Fuel, Manchester

1st December Trio of Dave Birchall: guitar/Richard Harrison: dishwasher & percussion/ Richard Scott: electronics

opening for The Thing @ Islington Mill, Salford

25th November various groups Centrifuge 7 @ Kro Bar, Manchester

11th November various groups @ Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Manchester

6th November Duo with Phil Marks opening for Catatumbo @ St. Margarets Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

31st October Dave Birchall/ Phil Marks/Richard Scott @ Not the Lancaster Jazz Festival @ Gregson, Lancaster

30th October w/Primate Engineer @ Ectospasmic Hell Fest Halloween, Whalley Range, Manchester

14th October various groups @ Noise Upstairs@ Fuel, Manchester

4th October Duo performance of ONE w/ Bekke Platt @ Contact Theatre, Manchester

2nd OctoberDuo performance of ONE w/ Bekke Platt as part of ‘Emergency’ @ Greenroom Workspace, Manchester

1st October Birchall/Harrison/Nichols Trio opening for John Tchicai/Tony Marsh @ Carlton Club, Whalley Range, Manchester

26th September various groups @ St. Lukes Church, Liverpool

23rd September various groups as part of Centrifuge @ Kro Bar, Manchester

13th Septembersolo @ Nip & Tipple, Whalley Range, Manchester

24th August various groups @ Quadelectronic @ Quad Studios, Leicester

1st August Stckmtr w/ Corsano/Flower Duo @ Klondyke, Manchester

23rd July Solo @ Fuel, Manchester, UK

18th July Duo w/ Nick Dobson @ Domestic Concert, Nicks Rooftop, Ramallah, Palestine

8th July LBO @ Delicatessen, Amsterdam, NL

7th July LBO @ Walenpolenacademie, Mainz, DE

6th July LBO @ Golden Pudel, Hamburg, DE

5th July LBO @ Madam Claude, Berlin, DE

4th July LBO @ Conne Island, Leipzig, DE

3rd July LBO @ Club Final, Prague, CZ

1st July LBO @ Le 102, Grenoble, FR

30th June LBO @ Cave 12, Geneva, CH with Eugene Chadbourne

29th JuneLBO @ TIK, Dornbirn, AT

26th June LBO @ Cardigan Arms, Leeds, UK

25th June LBO @ 13th Note, Glasgow, UK

24th June LBO @ Lost Voices @ View Two Gallery, Liverpool, UK

6th May with LBO @ The New Continental, Preston

2nd May with LBO @ Sounds from the Other City @ Kings Arms, Salford

30th April with Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra @ The Greenroom, Manchester

3rd April with Kalbakken @ Union Chapel, London

28th March part of Noise Upstairs Ensemble performing John Zorn’s COBRA conducted by Rodrigo Constanzo @ Fuel, Manchester

27th March workshop and cabaret performance ran by Daniel Weaver @ Union House, Todmorden

25th February with Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra CD release @ Greenroom, Manchester featuring performance from Ken Turner

23rd January with LBO @ Tudor House, Wigan

21st January with Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra @ Bardens Boudoir, London


12th December with Kalbakken @ Islington Mill, Salford. Part of Golden Lab Festival

30 November with Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra @ Tiger Lounge, Manchester

28th November trio with Josh Kopecek and Rodrigo Constanzo @ Cross Street Chapel, Manchester

9th November One off performance of music specially composed to accompany Ad Hoc Dance @ Lowry, Salford

29th October with Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra @ Green Room, Manchester

11th October w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Islington Mill, Manchester with Carla Bozulich

1st October SOLO @ Didsbury Tai Chi Village Hall, Manchester

10th September w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Fuel, Manchester

19th August w/ STUCKOMETER @ Islington Mill, Salford

16th August w/KALBAKKEN @ The Robin Hood, Nottingham

15th August w/ KALBAKKEN @ The Tyne Bar, Newcastle

14th August w/ KALBAKKEN @ 13th Note, Glasgow

13th August w/ KALBAKKEN @ Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester

12th August w/ KALBAKKEN @ The Shakespeare, Sheffield

11th August w/ KALBAKKEN @ Hub, Leicester

10th August w/ KALBAKKEN @ a forest, Llanfairfechan

8th August w/ KALBAKKEN @ Jacks Gaff, London

7th August w/ KALBAKKEN @ Lewes Road Community Garden, Brighto

6th August w/ KALBAKKEN @ CB2, Cambridge

2nd August SOLO @ Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester

27th May w/ KABAKKEN @ Hub, Leicester

24th May w/ KALBAKKEN live radio session @ BBC radio Manchester

23rd May w/ KALBAKKEN @ Britons Protection, Manchester

22nd May w/ KALBAKKEN @ Christ Church Crypt, Skipton

15th May performance for 3 VOICES with members of LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA part of Futuresonic Festival, Manchester followed in evening by SOLO performance @ Black Lion, Salford

18th April w/ STUCKOMETER @ Instants Chavires, Paris

17th April w/ OPEN EYE ENSEMBLE @ Cafe Rigoletto, Paris

16th April w/ OPEN EYE ENSEMBLE @ Gaels Flat, Lyon

13th April w/ KALBAKKEN @ Jazz Cafe, Alicante

12th April w/ KALBAKKEN @ Casa Invisible, Malaga

11th April w/ KALBAKKEN @ Bar Freeway, Madrid

10th April, w/ KALBAKKEN @ Artists space, Barcelona

3rd April w/ KALBAKKEN @ Cafe Oto, London

27th March w/ KALBAKKEN @ Klondyke Club, Manchester

28th February SOLO @ Islington Mill, Salford

17th January w/ KALBAKKEN @ Black Lion, Salford


21st December w/ STUCKOMETER @ Edwins Basement, Manchester

29th November w/KALBAKKEN @ Cafe Oto, London

? August w/ OPEN EYE DUO @ ? Edinburgh

? August w/ OPEN EYE QUARTET @ Cow Lane Studios, Salford

? August w/ OPEN EYE DUO @ Shakespeare, Sheffield

5th June w/ KALBAKKEN @ Klondyke Club, Manchester

11th May w/ KALBAKKEN @ Picture House, Holmfirth

6th May w/ KALBAKKEN @ Trof, Manchester

4th May w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Bar Centro, Manchester

29th March w/ KALBAKKEN @ Mercado Negro, Averio

26th March w/ KALBAKKEN @ Bar Gusto, Barcelona

25th March w/ KALBAKKEN @ Aguilar De Segarra, Catalonia

22nd March w/ KALBAKKEN @ Houseshow, London

14th March w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Cow Lane Studios, Salford

11th March w/ KALBAKKEN @ Fuel, Manchester

10th Februray w/ KALBAKKEN @ Bowling Green, Manchester


1st December w/ KALBAKKEN @ Fleapit, London

26th October w/ KALBAKKEN @ Mills & Boon’s practise space, dirty Digbeth, Birmingham

25th October w/ KALBAKKEN @ Zuma, Brighton

23rd October w/ KALBAKKEN @ Unitarian Church, Todmorden

22nd October w/ KALBAKKEN @ Stereo, Glasgow

20th October w/ KALBAKKEN @ Christ Church, Skipton

19th October w/KALBAKKEN @ Hare and Hounds, Manchester

30th September w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Salford Lads Club, Salford

27th September w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Kro Bar, Manchester


8th August w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Cafe Saki, Manchester

27th July w/ THE OLD TESTAMENT @ Yorkshire House, Lancaster

18th June w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Cafe Saki, Manchester

1st June w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Venn Festival, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

20th May w/OLD TESTAMENT @ Fuel, Manchester


7th December w/STUCKOMETER @ ???, Den Haag

6th December w/STUCKOMETER @ Adieu Interesant, Copenhagen

5th December w/STUCKOMETER @ ???, Hamburg

2nd December w/STUCKOMETER @ Instants Chavires, Paris

1st December w/ STUCKOMETER @ Circus Space, Cherbourg

17th November w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA @ Fuel, Manchester

15th November w/STUCKOMETER @ Klondyke, Manchester

4th November w/STUCKOMETER @ Red House, Sheffield

26th October w/ LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA play soundtrack to “KING HUMMERBUG AND HIS TERRIBLE KINGDOM OF LIES” @ Lost and Found Social Centre, Manchester

20th August SOLO w/ DBH, Pascal Nichols @ Hare and Hounds, Manchester

12th July w/STUCKOMETER (Alan Courtis, Culver, Chora) @ Cricketers Arms, Sheffiled

30th June w/KALBAKKEN (Leopard Leg, Sculptress) @ Klondyke, Manchester

15th June w/STUCKOMETER (Vialka) @ Klondyke, Manchester

19th May w/STUCKOMETER @ Matilda Social Centre, Sheffield

11th May w/STUCKOMETER (Magic Markers, Bologna Pony, Stables) @ Bunkers Hill, Nottingham

14th April duo w/DARREN ADCOCK @ Britons Protection, Manchester

11th April w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN (Polaris) @Klondyke, Manchester

9th February w/STUCKOMETER @ Stereo, Glasgow

3rd February w/STUCKOMETER @ Cricketers Arms, Sheffield

29th January w/KALBAKKEN @ Hare & Hounds, Manchester

24th January w/ CORNISH TIN MINES @ Phoenix, Manchester

13th January w/CORNISH TIN MINES @ Klondyke, Manchester


14th December w/CORNISH TIN MINES @ Fuel, Manchester

29th October w/STUCKOMETER @ Beerhouse, Manchester

2nd September w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ 31 Albert Road, Manchester

21st August w/NORTHCROSS @ Tiger Lounge, Manchester

17th August w/NORTHCROSS @ Phoenix, Manchester

10th August w/CORNISH TIN MINES @ 31 Albert Road, Manchester

16th July w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ 31 Albert Road, Manchester

15th June w/NORTHCROSS @ Jabez Clegg, Manchester

10th June w/NORTHCROSS @ Holy Trinity Church, Leeds

9th June w/CORNISH TIN MINES @ Trof, Manchester

30th May w/ NORTHCROSS @ Phoenix, Manchester

22nd May w/CORNISH TIN MINES @ Phoenix, Manchester

21st May w/NORTHCROSS @ Stereo, Glasgow

29th April w/CORNISH TIN MINES @ 69 Albert Road, Manchester

9th April w/NORTHCROSS @ Fuel, Manchester

3rd April w/NORTHCROSS @ Satans Hollow, Manchester

3rd March w/NORTHCROSS @ Kings Arms, Salford

12th February w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Equinox, Manchester

11th February w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ ??, Newcastle

10th February w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Bar Bloc, Glasgow

8th February w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Hwyels House, Nottingham

7th February W/NORTHCROSS @Retro Bar, Manchester

6th February w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ The Albert, Brighton

5th February w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Cafe Pogo, London

4th February w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Cardigan Arms, Leeds

29 January w/NORTHCROSS @ Fuel, Manchester


5th December w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Klondyke, Manchester

2nd December w/NORTHCROSS @ Kings Arms, Salford

25th October w/NORTHCROSS @ Phoenix, Manchester

10th October w/NORTHCROSS @ Klondyke Club, Manchester

4th July w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Slade Hall, Manchester

3rd June w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Britons Protection, Manchester

13th February w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ 69 Albert Road, Manchester

31st January w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ 69 Albert Road, Manchester

20th January trio w/OLIE BRICE & TANIA DE ST CROIUX @ Britons Protection, Manchester


5th December w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Kickstart Squat, Manchester


20th February w/OUR BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS PLAN @ Retro Bar, Manchester


April? with Our Beautiful Ridiculous Plan @Packhorse Squat, Deansgate, Manchester


November? with Our Beautiful Ridiculous Plan @ Bar Centro, Manchester


July? with Ekka @ The Shed, Leicester


September? with Ekka @ Princess Charlotte, Leicester



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