Walking & Talking

Walking & Talking is my monthly show on www.listen.camp where I ask a musician to take me on a walk to somewhere special to them and then edit the ensuing exploration into an hour long piece of longform radio.

I’m currently undertaking a special project Wanderlust which is embedded within Walking & Talking and supported by Arts Council England. This is to develop the idea and my skills through making six episodes of the show. Below you can find an archive of previous shows:

#1 Walking & Talking with Alex Pierce

Exploring Pomona Island in Manchester with a focus on Alex’s knowledge of plant life growing there, object and guitar improvisations. Mugwort, memory and foraging.

#2 Walking & Talking with Michael Perrett

Walking the Fallowfield Loop cycle way in Manchester from Fallowfield to Levenshulme, stopping to improvise under rail bridges and in Highfields Country Park.

#3 Walking & Talking with Richard Harrison

Exploring a route near Lymm in Cheshire looking for an egyptian goose, improvising in a 18c. folly.

#4 Walking & Talking with Lee Patterson

Exploring and recording the wild edgelands between Prestwich and Bury, hear hydrophone recordings and commentary on them.

#5 Walking & Talking with Vicky Clarke

Exploring Ancoats and New Islington on the edge of Manchester City Centre, playback recordings Vicky made in the area.

#6 Walking & Talking with Matt Dalby

Exploring the N62 cycle/footpath from Stretford to Carrington Moss, south west of Manchester, improvisation in the woods.

#7 Walking & Talking with Sippy Cup (Kate Armitage & THF Drenching)

Conversation in THF Drenchings flat in Levenshulme, Manchester followed by walk and improvisation in Nutsford Vale Country Park on the borders of Longsight/Gorton/Levenshulme

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