Recent reading…

Haruki Murakami A wild sheep chase London: Harvill

Harry Partch Genesis of music New York: Da Capo

Ian Stewart Natures numbers London: Orion

Goscinny & Uderzo Asterix and the chieftans shield London: Hodder

Lloyd Spencer & Andrzej Krauze Hegel for beginners Cambridge: Icon

Guy Debord Society of the spectacle New York: Zone Books

David Minton Teaching skills in further and adult education London: Thomson

Yvonne Hillier Reflective teaching in further education London: Continuum

Augusto Boal Theatre of the oppressed London: Pluto Press

Raymond Williams Culture and materialism London: Verso

Variant Issue 35 summer 09 Glasgow: Variant

Oliver Sacks Musicophilia London: Picador

George Lewis A power stronger than itself: The AACM and amercian experiemental music London: University of Chicago Press

Herman Hesse The glass bead game London: Penguin

Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the oppressed London: Penguin


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