Violin Sculpture in Autumn



The violin intervention project I started in the shared gardens out the back of the flat has been moving along since the summer. The violin is starting to look pretty gnarly, though its in a better state after 4 months out in the wilds of Manchester than i would have imagined, possibly better quality than the “made in China” sticker gave away. Still, I suspect the winter rain and horror will have some interesting effects.

Created a bit of quality neighbourly interaction with the shared environment though which was really the main idea to explore with the instrument. The other being to have a bit of fun with the draconian rules surrounded the usage of the outside areas of the flats (ie. don’t do anything there or we’ll kill you).

Anyway, the violin itself has migrated round the garden a few times, the first time being moved by workmen coppicing the trees who propped it up against a wall and then one of our neighbours taking a shine to the idea strung it up again in a new place where its now pictured. Pleased to say that the wind swirly thing we put out also got one of the neighbours in on the act of adding things to the foliage.

More to come I’m sure.



One thought on “Violin Sculpture in Autumn

  1. Am very impressed thatthe violin is still ‘live and kicking’in the tree. Long may it enjoy its views of colourful autumn leaves,and experiences of daily life in the local area!

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