Voida Voida THEATRE spectacle

found this lurking on my hardrive when i was making a clean sweep
earlier today. All this was dreamt up by Zeke and I one evening in
his old flat in Salford. Bare bones of a musical play with animation...




The cityscape is seen against white background, cut out behind screen/sheet. There are lights/.slides, maybe dawn time. Music. maybe last for a minute or so until narrator enters.

Narrator: Here is the city, it’s a new morning, deep in the bowels of this machine, things are afoot.


The creature is being built, we see this animated on screen. Different people come and go each leaving a small part of the creature to make the whole, Emphasis on the variety of the people, creature slowly grows in stature. Music.


Narrator: And so the creature begins its work.

The creature starts his work(?) after some time it starts to consume everything including the people round him, bellowing

Creature:  The time has now begun to carry out my real work, to sterilise all these germs

We follow the consumption the of several people down through the creatures digestive system where they enter a bar located in its stomach. There they are offered a srange stomach juice entitled the elixer of purity. On drinking it each person exclaims “now my impurities are gone” and undregoes a change; all the people become uniform (lego figures or somehting) this should make a contrast but not too tacky with the variety before. The are bletched out into a big pile of rubbish/slime/crap.


City backdrop again, lights.
Narrator: So we see the creatures machinations as he cleans all he consumes all he can, leaving nothing in his wake. We turn now to The Lonely Germ, he is the last bacteria on earth…
Enter lonely germ, weeping, misery, singing

Lonely Germ: sings the ballad of the lonely germ (to be written)

Collapses in horror, hears strains of banjo in the distance, turns his head and moves slowly towards it.


Meanwhile, the Rancid Cow is sitting singing and playing the banjo against the city backdrop plus lights. Hes in a chair, maybe a straw in the hat etc…

Rancid Cow: singing Rancid Cow song

Enter Lonely Germ

Lonely Germ: Who are you?

Rancid Cow: I am the Rancid Cow!

Lonely Germ: Ah! Im so happy, I thought there were no more rancid creatures left…

Rancid Cow: Well ive been hear for a long time playing my song and I suspect ill will be…

Lonely Germ: you know rancid Cow…

Rancid Cow: what?

Lonely Germ: Can I ask you a question?

Rancid Cow: I suppose yes.

Lonely Germ: well you know the creature been wiping away all before it, I thought maybe you would need some extra bacteria in on of yr 4 stomaches.,,.  What do you say..?

Rancid Cow: Hmm, what a lovely propostion, dive in!

Lonely germ: Great!

He dives in to the cow (who knows how that works maybe needs rewriting…)


Inside the cows stomach, another bar, the Petri Dish, inside the germ meets his long lost companion! Something like cocktail music and cheese…

LG: Hey guys!
GERMS: hey man, amazing blah…
Most this can be ad libbed, we’ve all see our friends before… sings a rowdy song (needs to written)
Add libbed getting sad about death of everything/germa/bacteria…
(sing sad ballad of Lonely Germ)
ONE GERM: I know what we can , we’ll hatch the plan of a tape worm!


The monster is till eating stuff, animated, generall ming and depravity.


Narrator: So the germs start to hatch there plan, they find a friend whos willing to help.

Teddy bear laying back, the germs cut him open and insert some weird shit, sew him back up. Sqeltches and clanking music etc… this is animated.


We see teddy get eaten by monster.(animated)


Internal organs of the monster. Digest sounds and appearances, we see the tape worm start appearing from the teddy?he sings a song. Remember the tape worm is a Trojan Hors.


Germs are sprawlings out of the tapeworm, all over the place, this is still animated, but at a certain point lights/slides coming flashing in and live actors also appearing racing round, general insanity ensures, slime, shouting, blubbering, possibly this is happening in the dark and so we have neon and craziness. OR as the animating lights reaches a crisis, they cut and then in the dark the actors appearing wrecking havoc with neon refracting or whatever it does. This builds as a heart beating sound comes slowly to the fore, image of heart now on tv screen, maybe beating, sound of beating comes to the fore and becomes slower and slower, maybe actor are off stage or just collapsed by this point. Gets slower til so stretched its impossible, then maybe flatline image and tv dies and flickers off.

Enter whole cast singing song about variety, stupidity. Life, beauty, insanity, hope joy and so on. This needs writing.


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