sonic warfare

Picked up this book in a fine hard back edition from the ever wonderful Tiger in Oslo when I was there on familial business recently.  Fascinating read, Goodman synthesis’ early 20 Century Futurism, Deconstructionism, Sun Ra and current digital trends in music (dubstep and other innercity digital music across the global). The book is written in chapters which stand alone and approach a particluar issue or idea whether historical or current but they all add up to a relatively cohesive whole.

Also put my mind back to some of William Burroughs idea expressed in Electronic Revolution concerning the use of tape machine playback in crowd situations as a potential riot starting, crowd sparking device. Set me thinking about plans to build a series of sound interruption devices for the city, sited and abandoned to their own means. Ways to reclaim soundscape of the city. Plans to follow soon…


2 thoughts on “sonic warfare

  1. How do you manage to read so many books dave? I cant do it, I think I’ll start blaming it on Dyslexia or ADHD.

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