New LBO pic, Tour links, Tele links…

Bathed in blue light. original pic here taken by Insa.

Some weblinks for tour below too:

24th June Liverpool Lost Voices @ View Two Gallery
25 th June Glasgow @ 13th Note
26th June Leeds @ Cardigan Arms
28th June Basel @ Obst & Gemuse
29th June Dornbirn @ TIK
30th June Geneva @ Cave 12
1st July Grenoble @ Le 102
2nd July Stuttgart @ FFUS
3rd July Prague @ Final Club
4th July Leipzig @ Conne Island
5th July Berlin @ Madame Claude
6th July Hamburg @ Golden Pudel
7th July Mainz @ Walpoldenakademie
8th July Amsterdam @ Delicatessen

Also amazing set of photos here from Huw of the now infamous BBC North West Tonight featuring the LBO earlier in the year. Filmed between 8.30 am and 9.30 am on the day of broadcast. I had to go to bed with a terror headache afterwards. Note pictures of Karl Marx added as feeble subversive element, wanted pictures of Bakunin or Colin Ward ideally but realised that sadly no one would recognise them…


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