Shot above kindly taken by Helen during set with Richard Scott & Olaf Rupp @ Lichtblikt Kino, Berlin

Birdsong & Bells

Picture of backyard from balcony of Thomas’ flat where we stayed was pleasantly overgrown and a real haven for birds, spent a good bit of time listening and playing along with them: mainly trying to isolate elements in it relevant to guitar: high end trills, repetition,  slide on high end of neck, picks, clicks, harmonics.

The yard was also a great place to hear churchbells, a couple of times a day the church on the street at right angles rung out loud and clear. Wonderful drones and overtones from struck metal. Made me wonder where the bell  sounds are in Manchester; silent mostly. Made me think of a great stop off on one of the Kalbakken tours, eating ice cream in the churchyard of Youlgreave in Derbyshire, blazing summers day with the bells ringing out, ominous atonal overtone drones hanging in the air.




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