Tubers Music 5th August

Scott is now a Berlin based composer and improviser focusing on electroacoutic music.
Richard Scott (Buchla Lightening/WiGi/synth)
Adam Linson (double bass & electronics)
Phil Marks (percussion)
…David Birchall (guitar) www.davidmbirchall.wordpre​

Last sighted with Evan Parker at the Cross Street Chapel, Manchester and also at the Manchester Jazz Festival 2010 amidst the Gothic grandeur of St. Anns Church.
Scott has indeed a weath of writing for The Wire and has worked for the London Musician’s Collective (LMC).

This process combusts 2 highly respected inventive improvisers from Leeds… Melanie Crowley and Phil Todd. THis event will hear them playing a duel of SYNTHS. Sounds like the throwing forward of Klaus Shulze into a hot pit.​traynavigations/photos/239​17721#{%22ImageId%22%3A23917721​}

This is a very exhilerating emerging band of Manchester! …Womb are fiercely dedicated to the act of expression. Womb’s approach is experimental, often creating music using World and homemade instruments, sculptures and found objects, as well as more conventional instrumentation. Womb employs some elements of structure but is currently centered around free improvisation with passion at its core. The sound is in a state of constant flux, of construction and deconstruction, of unity and of tension. Womb do not sit comfortably in any genre but parallels have been drawn to a range of styles including; noise, punk, no-wave, psych, spacerock, free jazz and drone.​.com/default.aspx


PUNCH SERVED AS A MATTER OF TRADITION AT TUBER EVENTS AND PRETZELS!/event.php?eid=244261388935460!/groups/133294656738150

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