birdsong & guitar

Been working away trying to get more birdsong out of the guitar in recent months.

Inspired through mainly listening to what goes on in the gardens behind and around our flat, listening and playing along, listening and drawing. Also Gary Smiths work is really interesting here and definitely worth checking out here.

There was an interesting programme on radio 3 about composers and birdsong recently, its on the iplayer for a few more days, listen here while you can.

Makes for intriguing listening but has always been abit of a mystery to me how unlike birdsong most classical works inspired by birdsong is! Messiaen of course has the best go at it in my opinion but constricts himself with 12 tones.

Final note on birds, great performance at the Bristol live art show me and Bekke played at on saturday from Emma Bennett who used cadences and rhythms form birdsong as the basis for her verbal descriptions of the birds.


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