Guitar Lessons

I am currently have space available for new students!

I am a guitarist based in Longsight offering guitar lessons from my home or studio near Oxford Road station.

I have played for 18 years and taught guitar the last 2 years. I have a PGDE in post 16 education and have taught both children and adults guitar. I’ve toured widely in the UK & mainland Europe with various projects and had music I’ve worked on played on Radio 1, Radio 6 Music, BBC1 and Resonance FM.

My teaching method is driven by what you are interested in doing!

First lesson/assessment/meet up of 45 minutes is £10. This is so we can speak about what you might want to learn and so I can work out how to deliver that. Thereafter lessons are £20 per hour.

Some of the things I’ve worked on with previous students: teaching beginners basics, working on songs, on specific techniques relevant to certain types of music, tips to improve playing/knowledge of the fretboard, ideas around improvising (something I work with alot in my own practise) and considerations of how the structure of the instrument shapes what you do.

get in touch on or 07858616077

my profile at


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