60 places I’ve slept after a gig

60 places pg160 places pg 260 places pg 360 places pg460 places pg560 places pg6














2 thoughts on “60 places I’ve slept after a gig

  1. Working my way through this epic piece! A quick amendment about Leicester City: Jason Lee did indeed have a pineapple on his head but never played for Leicester (he most famously played for Nottingham Forest). The Leicester player who unwisely copied his hairstyle (and thus inspired terraces to sing the same song) was Jamie Lawrence!

    As an aside, another Leicester player from the early 90s you may remember is Gary Mills. just been wikipedia-ing him after seeing him on MOTD (he was managing Gateshead FC, who just lost 7-0 to West Brom in the FA Cup) and he had a fascinating career. He played for Notts Forest, Notts County, Derby AND Leicester (an East Mids clean sweep he surely must be alone in achieving!), and then spent the rest of his career player-managing basically every NON-league team in the Midlands – Grantham Town, Gresley Rovers, Boston United, Glapwell, Alfreton Town, and Tamworth, where he made his last appearance at the age of 49! Bizarrely, the only pro team he ever played for which WASN’T in the Midlands was Seattle Sounders in the original North American Soccer League where he plaed against the aging likes of Johan Neeskens and Franz Beckenbaur! Mighty stuff…

    1. Glad yr enjoying it Rich! Thanks for the clearing up the JL confusion, i may footnote that in a later edition of this. Gary Mills at right back? does seem to ring a bell. Solid East Midlander by the sound of it!

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