Vernacular Recordings



Some exciting news; I’ve decided to start a small record label dedicated to releasing improvised musics from and to do with Manchester.

The first two releases will be available at the beginning of March.

Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble +Jon Rose Auslanders: live in Berlin VR001/SA006

Recorded live at Ausland in June 2015 track 1 features the core Lightning Ensemble trio: Richard Scott (analogue synths), Phillip Marks (percussion) and David Birchall (guitar). On track 2 they are joined by legendary Australian improvisor Jon Rose on violin. This is a joint release with Berlin’s Sound Anatomy label.

David Birchall/Colin Webster Gravity Lacks VR002

Solos and duos for electric guitar and tenor saxophone recorded at Long White Cloud in London, May 2015.

Releases are on CD with handprinted letterpress sleeves in editions of 100.

More details to follow soon!





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