New CDr and download now out from myself and Richard Harrison.

Richard is one of my favourite improvisors and our playing together dates back over a period of about 10 years so it’s great to have a physcial document of it.

Starting out with Cheshire farmcore unit Mudhutters in late 70’s Richard is best known for his work with Spaceheads. He is probably the only musician to have performed with both Derek Bailey and Nico. The release itself is something of a melancholy tribute to our old space in The Hotspur Press Building (currently awaiting being ripped to bits when Oxford Road Station is rebuilt).

Keeping it in the family the cover painting is a detail from a painting Alex Brealey Birchall aged 4. Interior artwork and photos of The Hotspur Press Building are by Richard.

The audio is essentially a longform composition editied from many hours of improvising during 2012 and 2013 by Richard.

The CD is available here


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