I’m super pleased to say that I’ve been awarded an Arts Council England grant to help support the Wanderlust project; developing 6 episodes of my podcast Walking and Talking which go out on Camp Radio the radio/podcast platform for Camp.

The beautiful poster for the project has been created by painter Mio Ebisu. You can see the two original works she made for the project at the bottom of the post. As part of the project I’ve had been really lucky to have some bespoke production training with Becca Gaskell which has really helped the process of putting the episodes together.

You can hear the first episode this Thursday 27th May at 11am CET with my guest for the month Richard Harrison.

Richard is probably the only person I know who has both toured with Nico (of Velvet Underground fame) and played Derek Bailey’s Company Week. He’s been active in bands since the late 70s starting out with The Mud Hutters a post punk group which featured his cousin Mark and rehearsed on the family farm, which is not far from where we are today walking today. He went on to play with an amazing array of bands including Manchester new wave group Dislocation Dance, NYCs’ God is my Co-Pilot, The Honkies alongside Caroline Kraabel, Kathy Hulme, Andy Diagram and John Edwards, in Graham Massey’s Toolshed and Paddy Steer’s Homelife project. He also toured all over the world with his duo Spaceheads with trumpeter Andy Diagram. Alongside the band projects Richard has been active as an improviser in Manchester & London and has an ongoing project making field recordings of wire fence harmonics generated winds on his brother in laws farm in Scotland.


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