Edit of a splendid day out with Helen and Richard on Anglesey exploring amazing beaches that appeared to contain every rock type known to humankind.  The sounds present on recording are of a stream leading down onto the beach, H & R playing about in huge piles of discarded mussel shells and of course theContinue reading “Anglesey”


Birdsong Drawings from Isle of Eigg

Drawn start of May on the Isle of Eigg, which lies off the west coast of Scotland, part of the Inner Hebrides. The only industrial sounds present on the island are from the tiny amount of vehicles in use on the single road, which is only 5 miles long. Provides an amazingly open backdrop ofContinue reading “Birdsong Drawings from Isle of Eigg”

Two Mediterranean Soundscapes

Part 1 Started reading Murray Schafer’s book “The Soundscape” just after christmas, I’m only a little way into it but its illuminated a couple of experiences with sound which had an impact on me. The first was in the summer of 2010 when Helen and I were visiting Nick in Ramallah and he took usContinue reading “Two Mediterranean Soundscapes”