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New digital release on Glasgows Scatter Archive label

Sam Andreae: alto saxophone +DIY electronics
David Birchall: electric guitar
Toshimaru Nakamura: no-input mixing board
Otto Willberg: double bass

cover artwork by Mio Ebisu

Made at Cafe Oto, London and Small Seeds, Huddersfield in a concert organised by AME during the quartets 2019 UK tour.

Here we are post Ethiopian food at Habesha before the Manchester gig. L-R Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, David Birchall, Otto Willberg, Sam Weaver, Sam Andreae & Toshimaru Nakamura.

Really pleased to say this new album of vocal improvisations is out! It was recorded as part of my research into performing recordings in marginal, inbetween areas around Manchester over the past two years. Big thanks goes to everyone who came on singing walks with me inside the long dank tunnel under the M60 motorway which you can see in the picture. Click here to see a full gallery of images I’ve taken documenting the area round Junction 7 and the some action shots from performances. This is the same tunnel I worked in when I made Murky Sovereignty with Otto Willberg for Taku Roku last year. You can consider the two pieces close relations I guess. The release itself is available as a download, CD and a one off photobook and CD. All purchaseable via the bandcamp link below.

Super proud this album we recorded Spring 2020 is now available as CD via Lisbon’s Creative Sources label or via all the musicians on the record in the UK

David Birchall: electric guitar
Adam Fairhall: accordion
Michael Perrett: bass clarinet
Yoni Silver: bass clarinet
Otto Willberg: double bass