3 tracks of solo material all based on walking in edgeland type places you know well and are familiar with.

Flood Plain is about many walks in and around the River Mersey where I live in South Manchester; particularly watermeadows at Stretford Ees, Broad Ees Dole and Chorlton Ees. I love this connection to the archaic Anglo-Saxon word Ees meaning firm land in a fen or watery landscape. The area is pretty boggy as it stands but as the name hints must have been much more so before the various flood defence systems were built up on the Mersey.

Ice House is about a victorian ice house structure in a small copse behind where I went to school in Birstall, just north of Leicester. The house it served is demolished and it was always a weird, spooky and technical forbidden site to visit. Its the highest point around for many miles though partially the view is obscured towards Leicester by the school buildings. Strangest part on researching this track was the discovery that the site of the ice house and the school was built on an Anglo-Saxon burial ground.

Cobs/Dreams of Stereolab Rehearsing Under My Bed/Jitty is a collage of pieces all relating to walking/dreaming with friends around the suburb I grew up in. We did alot of dreaming: in fields, on and under bridges, on railway lines, on housing estates, next to dual carriageways, footpaths, cut throughts, jittys, parks, lakes and waterways.




New CDr and download now out from myself and Richard Harrison.

Richard is one of my favourite improvisors and our playing together dates back over a period of about 10 years so it’s great to have a physcial document of it.

Starting out with Cheshire farmcore unit Mudhutters in late 70’s Richard is best known for his work with Spaceheads. He is probably the only musician to have performed with both Derek Bailey and Nico. The release itself is something of a melancholy tribute to our old space in The Hotspur Press Building (currently awaiting being ripped to bits when Oxford Road Station is rebuilt).

Keeping it in the family the cover painting is a detail from a painting Alex Brealey Birchall aged 4. Interior artwork and photos of The Hotspur Press Building are by Richard.

The audio is essentially a longform composition editied from many hours of improvising during 2012 and 2013 by Richard.

The CD is available here https://davidbirchall.bandcamp.com/album/hotspur-nights


Lovely to have my vinyl copy of the Burgess Archive cassette archive project that I contributed a track to here at the Noise Orchestra Studio where I put my contribution together. The double LP and double CD is out now on Sub Rosa and the whole project has been developed and curated by Alan Dunn. The first disc features original recordings from the archive and the second reworking by various artists including myself, Scanner, Chris Watson, Vicky Clarke, Alan Dunn, Reverend Max Ripple and others.

Below is picture from my performance at the launch event for the record at The Burgess Centre on 21st November.

Screenshot_2019-11-25 Burgess Foundation ( anthonyburgess) Twitter



Really looking forward to performing selections from Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit as part of Edges Ensemble at HCMF! Both performances are free.

Friday 15th November 5pm @ Temporary Contemporary, Queensgate Market, Princess Street, Huddersfield

Monday 18th November 2pm @ Atrium, Richard Steinitz Building, University of Huddersfield


Thursday 21st November 7pm @ Burgess Foundation, Engine House, Chorlton Mill 3, Cambridge Street, M1 5BY

Concert celebrating a double CD/LP release on Sub Rosa of Anthony Burgess’ tape archive and remixes.

Monday 25th November duo with John Jasnoch @ University Arms, Sheffield

Tuesday 26th NovemberDusk‘ music duo with Mark Ellison + David Birchall/Fran Comyn/Mark Ellison/Kelly Jayne Jones @ The Peer Hat, Faraday St, Manchester

UK Tour A6 Poster.jpg

Super happy about this beautiful poster by Mio Ebisu for our forthcoming tour in December!

4th December Cafe Oto, London

5th December The Rose Hill, Brighton

6th December TOPH, Newcastle

7th December Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

8th December Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

9th December Small Seeds, Huddersfield

10th December Peer Hat, Manchester

There will also be super fun DIY electronic soldering workshops taking place as part of the tour in Brighton, Glasgow and Manchester of the new Noise Orchestra cactus synth. Details of how to sign up for those should be on the promoters websites in the near future.