28th May

28th May VOM (Glasgow) Rhythmic sub-bass churn, twisted and devastating guitar battery/mangle. LOUD, ROCKING head music that is at once disgusting and deeply compelling. http://www.myspace.com/vommusik PYRAMIDION (Glasgow) Hypnotic pysch jams from members of Moon Unit, Nackt Insecten… http://soundcloud.com/pyramidion ANDREW CHEETHAM & DAVID BIRCHALL (Manchester) Free rock drone improv drum and guitar duo https://davidmbirchall.wordpress.com/ @ Gullivers,Continue reading “28th May”

Rhys Chatham G3 @ Islington Mill

Rhys Chatham (guitar) Ed Troupe (bass) Andrew Cheetham (drums) Nick Mitchell (guitar) Tom Settle (guitar)  Jon Collin (guitar) Rick Tomlinson (guitar)  Adam Denton (guitar) Dave Birchall (guitar) Cian Nugent (guitar) Alan Doherty (guitar)