Fat Out Festival this weekend in Salford

  Really excited about a couple of plays on the Sunday of this great looking festival. I’ll be jamming for an hour form 8pm with others as part of the Gizeh Records epic continuous 50 human 5 hour session on the floor and then at 11pm I’ll be performing on the Tombed Visions stage inContinue reading “Fat Out Festival this weekend in Salford”

Rhys Chatham G3 @ Islington Mill

Rhys Chatham (guitar) Ed Troupe (bass) Andrew Cheetham (drums) Nick Mitchell (guitar) Tom Settle (guitar)  Jon Collin (guitar) Rick Tomlinson (guitar)  Adam Denton (guitar) Dave Birchall (guitar) Cian Nugent (guitar) Alan Doherty (guitar)

Noise in Salford

Noise, Affect, Politics Conference Call for Participation: “Bigger than Words, Wider than Pictures”:  Noise, Affect, Politics University of Salford and Islington Mill,  July 1-3 2010  Organising Committee: Dr Michael Goddard, Dr Benjamin Halligan and Professor David Sanjek  “If there are people that are dumb enough to use Metallica to  interrogate prisoners, you’re forgetting about allContinue reading “Noise in Salford”

More anarchosyndicalist bike aktion

Some snaps above of our ongoing bicycle based horrorshow live at Islington Mill in Salford last night. Show was notable for my nearly totalling all of the bike based instrument sculptures with my first physical gesture of the set. Disaster was narrowly avoided via some careful cable wiggling and shouts of “Youve ruined Christmas nowContinue reading “More anarchosyndicalist bike aktion”