Sketches on Sound, Listening & Learning

Sound, Listening and Learning


Sound, Listening and Pedagogy


Frequency, Listening and Education


Vibration, Listening and Pedagogy



Sound is defined as any frequency or vibration, audible or non-audible to the human ear. Vibration permits the motion of air towards the ear where it is ultimately heard leading to the possibility of listening.

(The same motion of waves maintains a flow of air containing oxygen entering the body and the brain. “music produces sound which is a manifestation of variable changes in atmospheric pressure…In this respect music is a motivator for the transport of the essential factors of the life force- oxygen” Milford Graves.) This is important in relation to breathing and calmness, interaction between body and breathing and ablity to apply oneself and listen.

Listening is defined specifically in reference to Pauline Oliveros ie. That“to hear is the physical means that enables perception. To listen is to give attention to what is perceived both acoustically and psychologically”.

You can hear something without listening but to listen you must first hear and then listen. The ability to listen is a prerequiste to learning, without this a learner cannot engage fully in dialogue, gain understanding of concepts and schema, partake in rigorous debate and/or challenge possibilities presented to them.

Final word is trickiest to define, lets try “Learning/Education/Pedagogy” something like: to learn, gain knowledge, to grow and realise ones self as a human being, to become truly conscious of being human, gain skills confidence, possibilities of economic, social and “spiritual”? well being. An inability to listen can isolate the individual from being an active agent and particpant in their educational and wider cosmos. The possibility to enter into dialogue and engage.

More to follow as this develops for sure…


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