Vernacular reviews by Spontaneous Music Tribute

“Young, rebellious improvised music from the very center of the United Kingdom, continued! Manchester in attack, not only in the football dimension! A brave rule of DIY (do it yourself), gray cartons, compacts, cd-ry, vinyl single, freedom, freedom, anarchy, improvisation – how beautiful! The tiny label run by guitarist David Birchall – Vernacular Recordings *) […]

Live in Beppu

Berlin open air swimming pool related this group came out of the fresh idea of “THE SCHWIMBAD JAZZ POOL” an association that was going to include the 3 of us on this record and our pal Rogier Smal on drums. For one thing or another the day before we were going to make our first […]

Playing a pickup…

New youtube EP showing a first exploration of straight to guitar pickup to metal sounds. Recorded straight into the recorder on headphones; using an extremity of volume and zero overdrive (an unusual feature for me!) to make the small interesting elements audible. This is part of a longer piece of research looking at ways to […]

Some recent playing

Some recent playing sessions with new formations that I’ve really enjoyed. Last tuesday in improvising strings ensemble with Dan Bridgwood-Hill: violin, David Birchall: guitar, Ecka Mordecai: cello and Otto Willberg: double bass And from a rehearsal at the start of June with Greta Buitkute: voice, David Birchall: guiatr, Phillip Marks: percussion and Otto Willberg: double […]

Tour with Phil Minton & Luke Poot

Really looking forward to a brief trio of solo dates opening up for Phil and Luke’s duo at the end of the month. Saturday 26th April Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg + Adam Bohman Phil Minton + Luke Poot David Birchall The Noize Choir @ Mining Institute, Newcastle £5.50/£7   Sunday 27th April Phil Minton + […]

Perceptions and time

Was set off thinking by doing a bit of research last week into some links provided by the dancer Katie Duck on her webspace centred around exploring scientific research into the brain and perception. Out of this I focused on the idea that our perception of time can be change when involved with work like […]