Spitting Feathers review from Foxy Digitalis

nice review here of  recent cdr with Phil Marks and Olie Brice on Foxy Digitalis from Mike Pursley

“On “Spitting Feathers” the talented trio of David Birchall (guitar), Olie Brice (double bass), and Phillip Marks (percussion) produce a clattersome tonal plinking evoking teeming machines con- and de-structing a stone and iron metropolis. These players bear witness to cityscapes from afar and subterranean tunneling within. Behold negative inroads into earth and positive accreting termite tracks’ organic sculptures. Textured like sweetgum balls and quickening taunt over time-lapsed riverbeds dried and cracking, fissures spring forth. Hybrid popcorn improvisation. Shaky excavations. Crystalline. Players bestow handfuls of precious stones by the handful, but uncut and unpolished and still one with the coarser material. Mathematical. Lyrical (but stammering). Space and time within an assemblage of geometric planes. A meaningful collection of shards and slivers.”


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