Spitting Feathers review from Foxy Digitalis

nice review here of  recent cdr with Phil Marks and Olie Brice on Foxy Digitalis from Mike Pursley

“On “Spitting Feathers” the talented trio of David Birchall (guitar), Olie Brice (double bass), and Phillip Marks (percussion) produce a clattersome tonal plinking evoking teeming machines con- and de-structing a stone and iron metropolis. These players bear witness to cityscapes from afar and subterranean tunneling within. Behold negative inroads into earth and positive accreting termite tracks’ organic sculptures. Textured like sweetgum balls and quickening taunt over time-lapsed riverbeds dried and cracking, fissures spring forth. Hybrid popcorn improvisation. Shaky excavations. Crystalline. Players bestow handfuls of precious stones by the handful, but uncut and unpolished and still one with the coarser material. Mathematical. Lyrical (but stammering). Space and time within an assemblage of geometric planes. A meaningful collection of shards and slivers.”


Sheffield Saturday

Shot of the gig in Sheffield on Saturday with Phil and Olie by Andy Newcombe.

See more of his picture and films:




Feb tour photos

Gig in Brighton at Greendoor Store

Really wish more service stations were as ramshackle and splendid as this one somewhere in Shropshire.

Live in the Town Hall at Bishops Castle, Shropshire.

Good times in the Hotspur lift.

From the Jazz Services funded tour we did with the Birchall Brice Marks Trio in Jan/Feb of this year. We have a couple of dates coming up later in this month, details in the live section.

Thanks to Nick Dobson for these shots and the driving.


Touching Extremes review of “Spitting Feathers”

Guitarist David Birchall, double bassist Olie Brice and percussionist Phillip Marks recorded these seven improvised tracks in Manchester, October 2011. The interplay is distinguished by a fair degree of concentration in large quantities of succeeding events: no room for lingering silences here, though one clearly detects the attention with which the players listen to each other. Quite significantly, the timbral wholeness sounds crunchily lumpy, positively appetizing and rather nonconventional in spite of the customariness of the instruments utilized. In “Wall Of Horns”, Birchall extracts infinitesimal particles of feedback and iridescent picked droplets as Brice’s arco spreads harmonics all over the place, moulding frequencies until they sound like drunken flutes; Marks counterpoints with charming snippets of assorted percussive belongings. “Back Spasm” hiccups and hobbles amidst several kinds of controlled contractions, delivering us from the urge of locating a regular beat (something that you’ll never find in the abundant hour of this CD). Just a pair of examples of what the trio can do, often in condensed temporal stretches. Focused listeners are challenged without resorting to gratuitous aggressiveness, thus allowing a more than partial comprehension of the mechanisms lying at the basis of the instrumental interaction.

see here for original context.

Spitting Feathers

We got a CDr release together for the tour with thee Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio.

Its called “Spitting Feathers” and has 7 tracks on just under an hour long. We recorded it to tape last year with Karl in The Milkroom at Hotspur Press.

You can hear the first two tracks here:



Thanks to the good people of Bolton, Lancashire and as ever Bertrand Russell for track title guidance.

There’s still some copies available for £6 including p&p or fiver at gigs. Email me here if you are interested in a copy.

Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio Tour

Excited about this tour at the end of the month!

Thanks to Jazz Services for helping us out with this.

You can hear a track here from the recording we made with Karl late last year.


Poster is probably first one in years Ive actually involved a computer in designing.

Pleased it still manages to retain a hint of Raymond Pettibond.

Manchester gig is via Tubers.

Hope to see you there!