next weekend

The Dreaming

Is going to be a really busy one, two really exciting performances and a bookfair!

Exhibiting zines/records/cds and my new zine of birdsong drawings on Friday 12th & Saturday 13th at Manchester Artists Bookfair.

Then making music for the performance/installation ‘The Dreaming’ with Bekke Platt and Aliyah Hussain on the Saturday @ 2pm as part of Emergency in Castlefield Gallery. The excellent image above was taken during rehersal for that project.

Finally after the bookfair on the Saturday will be a music drawing performance with Naomi Kendrick and Dan Bridgwood-Hill @ Whitworth Gallery. We’re on about 9pm also on the bill is sound project from Huw Bunford from Super Furry Animals & artist Naomi Kashiwagi.


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