Sounds from the Park

Details of the excellent radio documentary on Speakers Corner Kalbakken were commissioned to write a new tune for. It was based on the poem “Clever Tom Clinch” by Jonathan Swift and uses the tune of “Nottingham Town” as it’s departure point.

Sunday 19th 6pm Resonance FM.

Listen online anywhere in the world:
If your radio is within a 3 mile radius of London Bridge you can tune in to 104.4 FM Resonance.

From Monday 20th 2013 you can also download the show from On the Record’s website.

This carefully crafted half hour radio show is an insider’s tour of the many faces of Speakers’ Corner, peppered with sonic surprises. It reveals Corner’s intriguing origins, its enduring mystique, and why people who write it off as a realm of cranks and fanatics should think again.


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