Sounds from the Park

Details of the excellent radio documentary on Speakers Corner Kalbakken were commissioned to write a new tune for. It was based on the poem “Clever Tom Clinch” by Jonathan Swift and uses the tune of “Nottingham Town” as it’s departure point.

Sunday 19th 6pm Resonance FM.

Listen online anywhere in the world:
If your radio is within a 3 mile radius of London Bridge you can tune in to 104.4 FM Resonance.

From Monday 20th 2013 you can also download the show from On the Record’s website.

This carefully crafted half hour radio show is an insider’s tour of the many faces of Speakers’ Corner, peppered with sonic surprises. It reveals Corner’s intriguing origins, its enduring mystique, and why people who write it off as a realm of cranks and fanatics should think again.


LBO Radio!

The Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra are going to be featured on The Bike Show on Resonance FM this coming Monday 25th January at 6:30!

If you’re in London you can hear Resonance on 104.4 FM. Everywhere else you can hear the show via their webstream. There’s also a podcast available from the Bike Show blog.

Kalbakken split 7″ creeping on slowly…

We had to try and remember what the track we recorded with Jack in July was called earlier in the week. I had no idea, luckily Kirsty reckons it was called “Ulversdalen” or “Wolfvalley” so we went with that… it’s going to be a split with the majestic Spoono on the audioMER label from Belgium.

Dug out a reasonably condensed interview with did with BBC Manchester a little while ago which explains somethings, not all but quite a few. Transcript is below.

Who is in the band?

“Kirsty sings, plays the violin and recorders. David plays guitar, sings and jew’s harp. We are occasionally supported by Nick on percussion.”

What type of music do you play?

“We play our own readings of Scandinavian folk melodies, building new arrangements around old tunes.”

What’s the Kalbakken story?

“Well, we are siblings so we have played music together in one form or another for a long time!

“This particular group came about from improvisations and the chance idea to try playing a Norwegian song our mother, who hails from those parts, had sung us as children. It all spiralled from there really; speaking with her about other melodies, researching in libraries, books, audio.

“This was all about three years ago – at a certain point, David of Little Red Rabbit asked us to play a gig and so off we went and carried on playing from there.”

How are things going?

“We haven’t won anything, unless you count a pub quiz a few years ago, but we’re doing okay.

“We have played all over the UK, toured in Spain and Portugal, we recently played a really great festival in London called the 2:13, which went really well. Hopefully, we’re touring Spain and Portugal again next Easter.

“Then the new record comes out and we’ll be touring the UK and further reaches across mainland Europe again.”


Noise Upstairs Podcast

Cerebrus Shoal, Lee and Ant outside the ALL FM studios
Cerebrus Shoal, Lee and Ant outside the ALL FM studios

The good folk at the Noise Upstairs improv night asked us toproduce a kindof last shout posthumous Northern Wire podcast for them to be played out at one of there forthcoming monthly sessions, below is whats on it…

Sweetleaf Black Sabbath

Barabadabada Ivor Cutler

Lovely Sky Boat Alice Coltrane

Black Jerusalem Teeth Mountain

I chose a random strange and stalked the shit out of them Kylie Minoise

Poeme Electronique Edgrad Varese

Fat Librarian Inca Eyeball

Reqiuem for Dying Mothers Stars of the Lid

Forwards and Back Music for One

Sonata for solo Violin Fuga Bela Bartok

Schizophrenia Sonic Youth

Room Temperature Suite Don Caballero

Orginal Suffer Head Fela Kuti

This what we said about the show: read and weep: apologies to anyone we forgot:

“The Northern Wire was a radio show on Manchesters ALL FM. Show was started in 2002 by David Armes who passed the baton on to Anthony Saunders and David Birchall around 2005 they ran with the show til its retirment earlier in this year; 2009. The show was characterised by a totally lack of musical policy resulting in a spontaneaty and honesty that was hard to recreate; Black Sabbath would be followed by the sound of howling wind in Siberia, Art Ensemble of Chicago would mould in unidentifable harsh CDR noise freakouts, Bartok would wrestle with mid 90s hardcore while some very real but ultimately sub Laurel and Hardyesque routine was wheeled out live in the studio. Another great feature of the show was live sessions from Vialka (France/Canada) McWatt (UK) Cerebrus Shoal (USA) Lianne Hall (UK) DBH (UK) Klaus Kinski (UK) Noise Upstairs Trio (UK) Smear Campaign (UK) Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides (France)”