Duplo constructions

One of the really fun things about having a baby is the chance to play again with Duplo blocks (If you’re not sure what this is, its the pre lego LEGO system for tiny kids who might eat little bits of Lego). As Alex is pretty small still his main interest in this stuff is bashing blocks together and demolishing structures I’ve made. This has sort of lead to something interesting in terms of considering the quality of those structures which I’m understanding a little through being a musician interested in improvising. The simple reality being that the best possible structure for Alex to interact with is one that’s sturdy but easy to break into pieces; structures that are too well build are not very interesting to him as they are way too hard for him to demolish. There’s also nice sideline in these games where I can begin to choose basic structural elements for maximum stability but add really unstable ones for him to bash about; I can be building a model that develops in unexpected ways as Al demolishes parts of it.


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