Chastity Potatoe Summer Tour Comic!

Just what is needed in the depths of Winter to remind us of warmer times. First photographic evidence of the incredible tour comic that Susan made of our Chastity Potatoe/Joyce Whitchurch/Human Heads tour in Holland/Belgium/Germany in the Summer. This is a really insightful and oft hilarious slice of the life touring party. A new comicContinue reading “Chastity Potatoe Summer Tour Comic!”

Psykick Dancehall 5

A drawing of birdsong and piece of writing about it were published by Psykick Dancehall up in Glasgow at the end of last year. It’s a bit of a meditative memory exercise in response to one of long list of questions posed by Dancehall. See below or here in published context; the text layout andContinue reading “Psykick Dancehall 5”

Kopenhagen knee sickness

A page from a comic I started last year provisionally titled “Seas I have been sick in: A beginners guide to freeing your mind.” Work on it ground to a halt due to various other commitments, will hopefully to be picked up again in the spring and summer of this year. Final work will beContinue reading “Kopenhagen knee sickness”