Chastity Potatoe Summer Tour Comic!


Just what is needed in the depths of Winter to remind us of warmer times. First photographic evidence of the incredible tour comic that Susan made of our Chastity Potatoe/Joyce Whitchurch/Human Heads tour in Holland/Belgium/Germany in the Summer. This is a really insightful and oft hilarious slice of the life touring party. A new comic is forthcoming documenting the trials and tribulations of the CP UK tour in November.

more of Susan’s artwork here


AL/CP tour

Just back from righteous tour with Acrid Lactations. Excellent snap by Susan from Chastity Potatoe set at Newcastles Morden Tower. Note Bob Cobbing poster in background. That one cost 5 shillings to get in. Also presence of Allen Gisnberg lurking somewhere or another.

Facebook set here from Sue. Also look out for her killer illustrated tour diary to appear in near future!

Rock out in Leeds captured by Fiona. Shortly before yellow tape incident.

The Skipton Crypt set snapped by Jazz Tourist.