Chaos to Order; The Echo Trace

Echo TraceReally happy to be doing some work on the Chaos to Order: Echo Trace project from Brighter Sound. The  name of the project is inspired by the delay and peculiar way sound spreads through the central library reading room in Manchester which is one of my favourite acoustic spaces in the city; round and domed, sound can be passed from one side of the room to the other across the arc of the dome or dropped into the cavernous reverb in the centre. Currently I’m helping out the Noise Upstairs on the Owl Project’s Residency in Withington Libary running an improv element to the workshops there but there”ll have some news about the project I’m working on at the Forum Library in Wythenshawe soon too.


Any Day Now Project

Was working on a really fun project in Bury during end of August; made some really fun work with a group of young people. We were working on listening skills, field recording in the Burrs Country Park, exploring/jamming with instruments and objects and finally mixing together all the stuff that had been recorded.  See and hear somethings on the project:

Instrument Building Workshop

Instrument Building

In June & July of 2011 I worked with a group of adult learners who attend a weekly group called Art to Life. We built a series of string, percussion and wind instruments from found and reclaimed materials according to several basic designs I had made prototypes for. We then had several music making and recording sessions to capture the instruments in action and the sounds were used in the soundtrack to an animation the group were working on.

Soundclip and Photos below: