Opduvel on Live at Ftarri

“Not long after the release of the fascinating Live in Beppu, the new English free sound artists Sam Andreae (saxophone), David Birchall (guitar) and Otto Willberg (bass) will release a new edition, this time at the London Raw Tonk label. This time the musicians from Manchester are joined by the Japanese Toshimaru Nakamura. His instrumentContinue reading “Opduvel on Live at Ftarri”

Vernacular reviews by Spontaneous Music Tribute

“Young, rebellious improvised music from the very center of the United Kingdom, continued! Manchester in attack, not only in the football dimension! A brave rule of DIY (do it yourself), gray cartons, compacts, cd-ry, vinyl single, freedom, freedom, anarchy, improvisation – how beautiful! The tiny label run by guitarist David Birchall – Vernacular Recordings *)Continue reading “Vernacular reviews by Spontaneous Music Tribute”

Quietus review of “I didn’t mind you improvising, I just wish you’d done it better”

Thoughtful review of the tape that came out recently on Tombed Visions featuring myself, Sam Andreae and Andrew Cheetham. “In many ways, a guitar-sax-drums trio is the most liberated improvising lineup possible. Forty five years on from Derek Bailey, Han Bennink and Evan Parker’s seminal freeform blowout The Topography Of The Lungs (which, incidentally, wasContinue reading “Quietus review of “I didn’t mind you improvising, I just wish you’d done it better””


A potent review of the duo tape I did with Rogier Smal earlier in the year from Mr Joe Murray. Still some copies of this one available. “An eye-watering tape cover, all pink vibrations and Mexican skulls houses this crispy duck. Warble-guitar rubberises snazzy drums all over side one with the clitter-clatter meshing like oilbeads. Continue reading “DB RS”

Spitting Feathers Review

Nice review in French here of Spitting Feather’s CDr with Olie Brice and Philip Marks. Some plans afoot to do some stuff with this group later in the year. http://grisli.canalblog.com/archives/2014/05/21/29911392.html David Birchall (guitare), Olie Brice (contrebasse) et Phillip Marks (batterie membre de Bark!) démontrent en une heure un goût pour une improvisation aérée. Que taillentContinue reading “Spitting Feathers Review”

Ramallah Mumtaz Power Duo

First release from my duo with long term collaborator Nick Dobson. Featuring 75 minutes of music drawn from a couple of days of sessions that took place on the edge of the snowy North Yorkshire moors in March of 2013 it captures the duo working with small sounds, textures and focused slow evolution of theContinue reading “Ramallah Mumtaz Power Duo”

Sound Projector Review of Acoustic Textures

missed this one when it first appeared some nice words about the Acoustic Textures CDr. “Hidden gem of the week: the Manchester improvising guitarist David Birchall, whose one-take directly-recorded improvisations are splendidly presented on his Acoustic Textures (BLACK CAT PRESS 002) collection. Birchall is of the school of those who insert objects into acoustic instruments,Continue reading “Sound Projector Review of Acoustic Textures”

Terrascope Reviews

Reviews of the solo Acoustic Textures and Spitting Feathers CDrs on Black and White Cat Press from Terrascope. “Using a selection of found objects and an acoustic guitar, David Birchall has created an intriguing and listen-able improvisation on his latest album “Acoustic Textures”. Containing seven tracks, the album serves up a wide range of moods asContinue reading “Terrascope Reviews”

Some new reviews

New reviews in French & English of BBM and solo CDrs from Monsieur Delire over in Canada: BIRCHALL/BRICE/MARKS TRIO / Spitting Feathers (Black & White Cat Press) Une nouvelle micro étiquette qui publie des CDr. Les deux premières publications mettent en vedette le guitariste David Birchall. D’abord à la guitare électrique, en trio avec OlieContinue reading “Some new reviews”