Tram Music

Had this piece floating around in the “archive” for ages. Its based on some electromagnet recordings I made on the trams between Wythenshawe and Chorlton when I was working on the Echo Trace project with Andrea Pazos for Brighter Sound last May. For the basic idea of how to do this/how it works and a million other amazing projects check out Nick Collins’ Handmade Electronic Music. Later I added several layers of tuned guitar feedback and mixed these with the modulating tram tone signal picked up the electromagnets. I’m going to be working on a new project involving this process in June and July; more on this soon.


turntable and guitar strings

Doing some work yesterday with turntable and strings which I’ve had on the go the last few weeks. Trying to work through various ideas to isolate what works and what doesn’t, made a bunch of recordings which are mainly textural, drones and processing those back end of last week which I’m mixing at the moment. Mainly I found it was the processed stuff that was least interesting and the agitated string things I was most interested with. This is what I came back to you yesterday; to try and make a stand alone sculptural piece which played itself using just the string tensed between two points and then producing vibration and harmonics from the turning of the turntable. Have a listen to the results below:

I’m really please with this am I going to carry on working on the mixes including it in the material Ive gathered in the last few weeks. Think an early track from this will be included on an upcoming compilation from Electronic Musik also hoping to present this work as an installation/performance piece later in March, tbc in Manchester.