Playing a pickup…

New youtube EP showing a first exploration of straight to guitar pickup to metal sounds. Recorded straight into the recorder on headphones; using an extremity of volume and zero overdrive (an unusual feature for me!) to make the small interesting elements audible. This is part of a longer piece of research looking at ways to […]

Huddersfield Bicycle Orchestras!

                    Been working the last couple of weeks on a really exciting project for the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival to coincide with the Tour De France’s Grand Depart from Yorkshire in July. You can see various stages of production on one of our newly developed instruments […]

Cymatic experiments

Been working today on making some films showing some of the methods I’ve used recently to make sound visible; technically speaking I’ve discovered this is cymatics. I became interested in it a few years ago when I inherited a broken marshall 1x 12 combo the speaker of which worked but the amp part was broken, […]

turntable and guitar strings

Doing some work yesterday with turntable and strings which I’ve had on the go the last few weeks. Trying to work through various ideas to isolate what works and what doesn’t, made a bunch of recordings which are mainly textural, drones and processing those back end of last week which I’m mixing at the moment. […]

Post-apocalyptic instrument number 1 and/or “Trumpetar”

Got a little bit of inspiration looking at Jethro Brice’s excellent blog the other day. Its an investigation of some our not so smart current uses of resources looked back on from two centuries in the future as well as imaginings of some immediate post-apocalyptic responses to environmental/political meltdown. It set me off thinking […]