Feb tour photos

Gig in Brighton at Greendoor Store Really wish more service stations were as ramshackle and splendid as this one somewhere in Shropshire. Live in the Town Hall at Bishops Castle, Shropshire. Good times in the Hotspur lift. From the Jazz Services funded tour we did with the Birchall Brice Marks Trio in Jan/Feb of thisContinue reading “Feb tour photos”


Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio Tour

Excited about this tour at the end of the month! Thanks to Jazz Services for helping us out with this. You can hear a track here from the recording we made with Karl late last year. http://soundcloud.com/davidmbirchall/reel1-track-1 Poster is probably first one in years Ive actually involved a computer in designing. Pleased it still managesContinue reading “Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio Tour”