Union Chapel

Splendid times on Saturday at the Little Red Rabbit showcase with Last Harbour and Samson & Delilah, incredible acoustics in the space as well lead to some pretty interesting moments in our set; sound cascading back towards us and spreading harmonics through the roof. Olie Brice added some glorious low end to the band for the first time with double bass, we’ll hopefully see more of him at some point. More images at Last Harbour’s blog.

Amazing stained glass work behind the alter in the chapel too, segmented circular window with an angel in each segment playing an instrument. We could identify bowed psaltry, lute, double ended pan pipe, hurdy gurdy, cymbals, pump organ, hammered dulcimer and what looked like a radio!



Kalbakken in Union Chapel

We’re playing as part of a Little Red Rabbit curated performance at the Union Chapel in London on Saturday 3rd April along with labelmates Last Harbour and Samson and Delilah. Gig runs early afternoon 12-2pm.

Kalbakken will be joined by double bassist Olie Brice for a special one off set. Probably be one of our few performances this year due to various constraints…

(picture is a tasteful number of the underside of the Oslo metro stop from which we draw our name.)