After Hours Video

Thanks to Paddy for this.


Creative Hive performance

Short piece from performance on Tuesday improvising at the Creative Hive event with Naomi Kendrick drawing, Dan Bridgwood-Hill on synth and Paddy Baxter filming. The film here taken by Andrew Brooks. All happen in an amazing television studio inside the Salford University chunk of Media City.

This excerpt is from the second much calmer pieceĀ  we did that afternoon. The first one brought up some pretty interesting questions within the group of us working together which I’m interested to explore more in future performances. Mainly around the nature of sounds Naomi maybe be making as she draws, the idea of silence and space in our performances and the idea of accepting that the nature of the work we are making may sometimes require it to failure or collapse publicly in performance. There was also talk about busking which I’m rather excited about!