Catatumbo Poster

A splendid reaction on the streets of Whalley Range to the Catatumbo poster. This one features what I think is a correction of some overspacing and a kiss from pink lipstick.

Saturday 6th November


Ingrid Laubrock: saxophones
Ingrid Laubrock is a founder member of the F-IRE collective, currently resident in New York she has worked with Evan Parker, Kenny Wheeler and Polar Bear amongst others. “darkly beautiful and breathtakingly inventive” All About Jazz

Olie Brice: double bass
Javier Carmona: drums
“Olie Brice is nonchalant but consistently inspired; and drummer Javier Carmona is drivingly explorative” The Wire

plus support from Duo of Phil Marks (drums) & David Birchall (guitar)

@ St. Margarets Church,
Rufford Road,
Whalley Range,


M16 8AE

(church is on corner of  Rufford Road and Whalley Road: off Withington Road. Take 86 from town and get off at “The Whalley” pub. Map here. There will be hot and cold drinks available on the night.)

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This blog is intended as an overview of my musical activities and ideas. I started playing guitar at 14 and havnt stopped since. Ive been lucky enough to do this in a wild variety of bands and musical contexts in alot of different places.

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