New guitar tune


live guitar action

from solo set @ Nip and Tipple, Whalley Range, Manchester on 13th September.

Also playing at a couple of gigs this coming week:

Thursday 23rd September ‘Centrifuge 6’ @ Kro Bar, Manchester

Sunday 26th September ‘St Lukes All Dayer’ @ St. Lukes Church, Liverpool

Then following Friday 1st October really excited to be promoting this as well as playing as part of a trio opening up the night…

John Tchicai Tony Marsh Manchester 1st october 2010
John Tchicai Tony Marsh Manchester 1st october 2010

Performances of ‘One’

One is the piece for music and dance I’ve been working on over the summer with Rebekka Platt. We have two performances in Manchester at the start of October.

2nd October Emergency @ The Greenroom, Manchester

4th October Akemi Arts present ‘Live Art’ @ Contact Theatre, Manchester

Acoustic Guitar tracks

All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.

(This track is only acoustic guitar and guitar steel, lots of natural harmonics singing. Saw that Bill Hicks biography yesterday and was fitting moved and inspired so went with this as a title for the minute. May not stick with it but it certainly beats “untitled drone”)


(This one is acoustic guitar and preparation with paintbrush, egg slicer and I think there’s maybe some goat bell and voice in there too.)


(just hands and guitar on this)

These are easier to hear versions than the previous posting bravely entitled “new acoustic guitar tracks” of the tunes I did with Karl at the Queens Arc over Easter.

‘Spoke’ Scores for Ad Hoc

 Above you can see the hermetic  graphic score I drew for the Ad Hoc dance performance I wrote music for earlier in the Autumn. The score was performed by me with the Ad Hoc dancers at the Lowry Studio Theatre in Salford on the 11th of November. Some of the music I wrote for this performance has since been recorded for solo guitar and will hopefully see the light of day sometime next year on a longer release.

Below are the open scores, hopefully understandable to anyone with a familarity with a guitar in open tuning, some extended techniques and graphic scores. These are the tidied up versions of the documents I worked on with choreographer Ruth Tyson-Jones and the dancers to create the finished score.


Ad Hoc performance

a couple of pictures below from the performance with Ad Hoc dance on Monday at the Lowry Studio for which I composed and performed the music for…

note that as ever i cant keep still and am blurred…more pictures to follow, hopefully with some blurred dancers rather than stationary ones, as well as video. Im going to get the score online soon too…