Ad Hoc Dance autumn 2011

Pleased to announce that AD HOC dance are using the drawings I made as scores for music I made for them as the basis for a new performance this coming autumn. more details below. You can see the original scores here.


This 11 week course will be led by Ruth Tyson-Jones and will include contemporary dance technique and creative movement. The starting point for this course, will be a series of drawings created by musician, David Birchall. David created a sound score for an Ad Hoc Dance work back in 2009. He notated his music in a unique visual way. Two years on, these scored drawings will be re-interpreted through movement. The Ad Hoc participants will be led through some carefully crafted creative exercises. Their individual creative responses to the tasks, the resulting movement, will then be shaped in to a group choreography for performance on November 28th at The Lowry.

Mondays 6.15pm – 9.15pm

The Studio, The Lowry, Salford Quays

Dates: September 12, 19, 26. October 3, 10, 17 ( no session during half term on 24th October) and 31 and November 7, 14, 21 and 28

Cost for 11 weeks = £82.50 / £77 ( concs)

Loose fitting clothing required and bare feet

No experience necessary – open to all 18 plus years

Book via the Lowry website or call The Lowry box office on 08432086000

Ad Hoc Dance is The Lowry’s in-house adult contemporary community dance company

Ruth Tyson-Jones has been a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer for over 20 years. She has danced and choreographed for companies in United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Canada and U.S.A. She presently runs her own company, Axial Dance based in Manchester, and works extensively in theatre. She has a particular interest in placing dance in unconventional venues (in the form of Sited and Site Specific

work), bringing dance to those who may not ordinarily experience it, e.g. in a town square, and other public places.


‘Spoke’ Scores for Ad Hoc

 Above you can see the hermetic  graphic score I drew for the Ad Hoc dance performance I wrote music for earlier in the Autumn. The score was performed by me with the Ad Hoc dancers at the Lowry Studio Theatre in Salford on the 11th of November. Some of the music I wrote for this performance has since been recorded for solo guitar and will hopefully see the light of day sometime next year on a longer release.

Below are the open scores, hopefully understandable to anyone with a familarity with a guitar in open tuning, some extended techniques and graphic scores. These are the tidied up versions of the documents I worked on with choreographer Ruth Tyson-Jones and the dancers to create the finished score.


Ad Hoc performance

a couple of pictures below from the performance with Ad Hoc dance on Monday at the Lowry Studio for which I composed and performed the music for…

note that as ever i cant keep still and am blurred…more pictures to follow, hopefully with some blurred dancers rather than stationary ones, as well as video. Im going to get the score online soon too…



Ad Hoc Dance Performance

This coming Monday…



SPOKE is a new contemporary dance work created by Ad Hoc Dance, directed by Ruth Tyson-Jones. It has taken creative writing, either found, gathered and/or authored as a starting point. The spoken word is skillfully interwoven into the choreography. A specially created score has been created and will be played live, by David Birchall.

Ad Hoc Dance is The Lowry’s in-house adult contemporary community dance company

The evening’s bill will be shared  – The Lowry’s in house youth dance company, Commotions will present a new contemporary choreography. This work has been created alongside dance artist, Debbie Milner.

The Studio Theatre, The Lowry, Salford Quays

Time: 7.45pm

Price: £5

Date: November 9, 2009

Book through The Lowry Box Office on 0870 787 5783 or Lowry website



Manchester Ship Canal


Picture taken heading from Trafford Bridge towards the Lowry along the promenade on my way to rehearsal last night with Ad Hoc dance. There’s a lot of incredible open views in that part of town; the expanse of water pushes the horizon way further out. Im not surewhat it’s like in the day time but theres a real desolate end of the world feel at night.These long quaysides totally devoid of people, only the scale gives a hint to the original purpose and labours of the place.

With the music im writing with Ad Hoc ive been trying to isolate fragments from improvising along with the dancers as they put the piece together and then to use this as a more solid base for improvising out of. Refining and refining. Guitar is tuned to D/A/D/Fsharp/A/D Some notes below:

  • Paintbrush (point 5) under 9th fret playing on either side with left and right hands. So right hand pulls out rhythmic pulses and some rhythm from guitar body. Left pulls on strings behind brush on guitar neck, can also fret some notes here to produce really clipped chimes.
  • Guitar flat in lap brush end 12th fret; percussion on front and sides played with hands and soft mallet; totally open rhythms; timing in response to dancers; they all have individual moves at this point; really open and improvised.
  • Sparse slide guitar around the words “aching, arching, anchoring” and their connotations. Added words form dancers own personal writing.
  • Piece in Em7 and pulling to D for a duet. Really flows in a welcome energetic way; as with flamenco. This is interspersed with slowly, gentle, mournful passages of making sadness, waking up and remembering the flow from before.
  • Interaction of rhythm and movement; not so much finding pulses but watching to find peoples place and individual timing. There’s something with the brain and juxaposition so you start seeing patterns and making sense of whatevers happening?

Performance is on 9th November at the Lowry Studio theatre.