Blank Media Performance

Couple of shots from the excellent Blank Media opening last week, DBH and I improvising for Naomi Kendrick to draw to. 

See a different set here taken by Andrew Brooks.

Naomi has some interesting reflections on this kind of thing here on her blog.


Birds in Manchester Springtime

Have seen a much larger selection of birds in Manchester this Spring than I ever remember seeing before. Possibly to do with now living nearer to trees but possibly not, as the more interesting ones (the wagtail and chaffinches) were spotted near a dirty bit of the Medlock and a carpark behind the Palace hotel in town!

Thrush (Woodlawn Court, Whalley Range)

Blackbird (Woodlawn Court, Whalley Range)

Blue Tit (Woodlawn Court, Whalley Range)

Jay (Woodlawn Court, Whalley Range)

Magpie (Everywhere)

Seagull (Everywhere)

Wood Pidgeon (Woodlawn Court, Whalley Range)

Crow (Woodlawn Court, Whalley Range)

Wren (Redbricks, Hulme)

Robin (Redbricks, Hulme)

Yellow Wagtail (in river Medlock behind Palace Hotel)

Goldfinch (carpark behind Palace Hotel)

Mallard (in canal near Piccadilly station)

Dirty Pidgeons (Everywhere)

Canada Geese (Alexandria Park, Moss Side/Whalley Range)

Swans (Alexandria Park, Moss Side/Whalley Range)