Noise Upstairs pics 14th Oct

zeke clough robin? dave birchall noise upstairs 14th october manchester

pictures from Noise Upstairs last night, full set here all taken by Paul Green.

Definitely¬† can’t keep my feet still!



Live Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra Action!


The group operates in an as yet undefined area between intuaitive ritualised musical theatrical performance and shared collective improvising around musical and lyrical themes developed by all members of the group. There are various aims and objectives.

To function as an accepted method of therapy for members to express and explore ideas and behaviours in forms that would be unacceptable outside the realms of performance.

As a theoretical machinery that allows the musicians and audience to interrogate their own ideas of the boundaries and interrelations between sound, music, tone, vibration, movement, theatre, performance, spectacle, art, and catharsis.

As an ongoing process of instrument building, adaptation and reclaimation from that which is not specifically an instrument but with which sound can be made. This use of scrap, discarded and recycled objects rebuilt as instruments locates a utilitarian power with the players and for anyone who wants to imagine and construct their own instruments.

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Noise Upstairs Podcast

Cerebrus Shoal, Lee and Ant outside the ALL FM studios
Cerebrus Shoal, Lee and Ant outside the ALL FM studios

The good folk at the Noise Upstairs improv night asked us toproduce a kindof last shout posthumous Northern Wire podcast for them to be played out at one of there forthcoming monthly sessions, below is whats on it…

Sweetleaf Black Sabbath

Barabadabada Ivor Cutler

Lovely Sky Boat Alice Coltrane

Black Jerusalem Teeth Mountain

I chose a random strange and stalked the shit out of them Kylie Minoise

Poeme Electronique Edgrad Varese

Fat Librarian Inca Eyeball

Reqiuem for Dying Mothers Stars of the Lid

Forwards and Back Music for One

Sonata for solo Violin Fuga Bela Bartok

Schizophrenia Sonic Youth

Room Temperature Suite Don Caballero

Orginal Suffer Head Fela Kuti

This what we said about the show: read and weep: apologies to anyone we forgot:

“The Northern Wire was a radio show on Manchesters ALL FM. Show was started in 2002 by David Armes who passed the baton on to Anthony Saunders and David Birchall around 2005 they ran with the show til its retirment earlier in this year; 2009. The show was characterised by a totally lack of musical policy resulting in a spontaneaty and honesty that was hard to recreate; Black Sabbath would be followed by the sound of howling wind in Siberia, Art Ensemble of Chicago would mould in unidentifable harsh CDR noise freakouts, Bartok would wrestle with mid 90s hardcore while some very real but ultimately sub Laurel and Hardyesque routine was wheeled out live in the studio. Another great feature of the show was live sessions from Vialka (France/Canada) McWatt (UK) Cerebrus Shoal (USA) Lianne Hall (UK) DBH (UK) Klaus Kinski (UK) Noise Upstairs Trio (UK) Smear Campaign (UK) Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides (France)”