Playing a pickup…

New youtube EP showing a first exploration of straight to guitar pickup to metal sounds. Recorded straight into the recorder on headphones; using an extremity of volume and zero overdrive (an unusual feature for me!) to make the small interesting elements audible. This is part of a longer piece of research looking at ways to generate sound from pickups. The main approaches so far are using interference in the electromagnetic to generate sounds and using non-traditional methods of string playing as you hear here.


Stringless Guitars

Something I developed so I could do the on top of pick up work on tour recently without having to cart an instrument round with me (though admittedly I did also pack a travel guitar) Really fun and compact. Can finally tour with a holdall!

The single coil version was first one i developed for my own use. Made a humbucker one last week with a friend for a tour he’s about to do. Fascinating bits of kit; I developed mine with  really specific idea in place related to my playing but of course the 5/6 people who have tried playing them have found pretty varied and radically different ways to use them!

More developments on these to come…