Metaguitar 1

Metaguitar 1

Began work a few months ago putting together a very loose assemblage of parts that maintains the structural features of electric guitar while amplifying the possibilities I find most interesting on the instrument further. Namely; the ability to amplify and make microphonic large surface and the ability to pinpoint on pickup sounds.

An example of it in use here in trio with THF Drenching & Rodrigo Constanzo

Ideas for Metaguitar 2 meanwhile are in the pipeline.

As with many projects I undertake, Harry Partch is never too far from the back of my mind!instruments/csqv


Improv Analysis

Had some great fun on working on a improv analysis for Rodrigo Constanzo as part of his PHD work the last week or so. Below is one of the pieces on video I made a break down of:

If you go here you can see the amazing breakdown of events and methods to analysis your thinking while improvising Rod has set up:

Quite amazing for me as an improvisor to go through a shot piece of playing (the example above is only 2:36 mins) and examine each and every detail of what I’m doing. Often more than more thing concurrently; but also the most intriguing part on watching it back to make the notes was how much every single choice and potential choice (non and or considered and rejected choices if you like) are present in my body movements even if they never develop into sounds.

Bevan/Janek/Looney & more 5th Nov

Next Tubers gig, see details here on facebook and Tubers site here.

Saturday 5th November


An intercontinental meeting of improvisers!

Scott Looney has forged a signature style using the inside and outside of the piano, plucking strings, using metal implements and other quick preparations, in combination to playing the piano normally. He has also developed a flexible, expressive voice with electronics using Max/MSP which is as effective as his many piano textures are…

Klaus Janek studied classical doublebass with M. Muraro, Venice and in workshops with D.Holland, P.Kowald. L.Butch Morris, Jaribu Shahid.
He explores avantgarde music and works on sound research on the doublebass. Gets involved in the improvised music scene and lots of traditional and electronic music, published CD (FMP, edel classics, Minor Music, Solponticello, Ubiquity and others), in between three solo doublebass CDs. Composes music for tv, dancetheatre and a houseopera, sound for Meta Design, Berlin. Art direction of various concertseries in Italy and Germany. Concert and festival appearances in EU, USA, Russia, Israel, Canada and Japan. /

Tony Bevan is an Oxford based player of bass, tenor & soprano saxophones. He has been involved with the LMC and Oxford Improvisers and performed with many of his contemporaries on the UK free improv scene: Phil Minton, Steve Beresford, John Russell, Pat Thomas, Steve Noble and many others.

free jazz tinged improvising from 4 great musicians all based in the North West
Stephen Grew: Piano
Phillip Marks: Percussion
Matt Robinson: Clarinent
Maxwell Sterling: Double bass

combines abstract expressionist visual art with experimental electronic-acoustic music to accentuate the similarities of both during improvised exchanges. Angela paints onto a contact miked canvas as Rod and Anton manipulate the sound generated.

@ St, Margaret’s Church,

Rufford Rd/Whalley Rd,

Whalley Range,


M16 9EA

8pm doors £5 waged/£4 unwaged