Another Tipping Point Review

Thanks to ATTN: Magazine for this one Andrew & I are improvising with a film at this event on sunday “When homing in on the minute details of Tipping Point– the sounds and mutations that occur second by second – David Birchall (guitar) and Andrew Cheetham (drums) appear to have a very warped, jittery relationship.Continue reading “Another Tipping Point Review”

Touching Extremes review of “Spitting Feathers”

Guitarist David Birchall, double bassist Olie Brice and percussionist Phillip Marks recorded these seven improvised tracks in Manchester, October 2011. The interplay is distinguished by a fair degree of concentration in large quantities of succeeding events: no room for lingering silences here, though one clearly detects the attention with which the players listen to eachContinue reading “Touching Extremes review of “Spitting Feathers””

birdsong & guitar Been working away trying to get more birdsong out of the guitar in recent months. Inspired through mainly listening to what goes on in the gardens behind and around our flat, listening and playing along, listening and drawing. Also Gary Smiths work is really interesting here and definitely worth checking out here. There wasContinue reading “birdsong & guitar”

Spitting Feathers

We got a CDr release together for the tour with thee Birchall/Brice/Marks Trio. Its called “Spitting Feathers” and has 7 tracks on just under an hour long. We recorded it to tape last year with Karl in The Milkroom at Hotspur Press. You can hear the first two tracks here: Thanks to theContinue reading “Spitting Feathers”

Bishop’s Castle feedback

Played a really fun gig on the recent tour with Phil and Olie in Bishop’s Castle a charming little town in deepest Shropshire. So deep its nearly in Wales. Afterwards we were given probably the most detailed audience feedback Ive ever received. Read below: Photos, footage and some live recordings to come soon from theContinue reading “Bishop’s Castle feedback”