music and Iran….

Really was quite flabbergasted today to read that music has been essentially made non-existant in Iran. “Khamenei said: Although music is halal, promoting and teaching it is not compatible with the highest values of the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic.” Terrifying that a state is prepared to go to such lengths to attempt toContinue reading “music and Iran….”

Noise in Salford

Noise, Affect, Politics Conference Call for Participation: “Bigger than Words, Wider than Pictures”:  Noise, Affect, Politics University of Salford and Islington Mill,  July 1-3 2010  Organising Committee: Dr Michael Goddard, Dr Benjamin Halligan and Professor David Sanjek  “If there are people that are dumb enough to use Metallica to  interrogate prisoners, you’re forgetting about allContinue reading “Noise in Salford”

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp

I’m away for this gig sadly but it should be a total cracker! Check it out if you’re around Manchester. ========================================================= Quixote Nights presents on 12th July ORCHESTRE TOUT PUISSANT MARCEL DUCHAMP melodic jazz punk from France SPACEHEADS TRIO Andy Diagram/Dick De La Mancha/Vincent Berthelet @ Carlton Club, Carlton Road off Wood Road, Whalley Range,Continue reading “Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp”

Bat Action

Went on a splendid Bat Walk around Chorlton Waterpark last night. It was technically part of national moth day but none of the moths seemed to be out. Too cold for some, too warm for others apparently. The bat people had got in on the act as bats keep themselves busy eating moths. (picture byContinue reading “Bat Action”

Voida Voida THEATRE spectacle

found this lurking on my hardrive when i was making a clean sweep earlier today. All this was dreamt up by Zeke and I one evening in his old flat in Salford. Bare bones of a musical play with animation… VOIDA VOIDA THEATRE SPECTACULAR ACT 1 SCENE1 The cityscape is seen against white background, cutContinue reading “Voida Voida THEATRE spectacle”

LBO aktion

Some photos taken by Huw below from our recording session in October at our practise space in the Hotspur Press building. The fruits of this labour will appear on a CD/download album due for release early next year on Manchester’s very own Concrete Moniker label. You can hear a few excerpts on our special placeContinue reading “LBO aktion”

Violin Developments

Winter is taking its toll on the violin the communal gardens in Woodlawn Court that I put out to seed in the summer… its now down to just the front piece of the body after mysteriously disappearing for a few weeks. The piece is becoming slowly more sculptural and less resembling an instrument. Im fascinatedContinue reading “Violin Developments”

Zizek rocks

Started reading his book on ‘Violence’ at the start of the week and its a total recommend! He has a way of positing crazy challenging concepts and illuminating them with solid examples of cultural/social/political phemonena that makes his work infinitely readable and understandable. He also gives no quarter to anyone; liberals, communists, anarchists, capitalists, politicians,Continue reading “Zizek rocks”